About Orcas Issues

Where does Orcas Issues come from?

From people like you who are involved in your family, household, neighborhood, business, agency and community. Someone who enjoys passing on a thoughtful or funny comment on the news and views on our island that resonates with them or changes their way of looking at the world. Someone who could use a little help, be it information, advocacy or  “sweat assistance;” someone who thinks a neighbor deserves recognition; someone who’s getting together a meeting of minds about an issue; anyone who wants to make public their news and views about Orcas Island.

The BullWings nickname:

From my horoscope (I’m on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini) which during that fateful week of Armistice Day 2008 (laying down your guns), read: “Oh, Little Bull! You have so many things coming up roses in the last part of this year, you won’t be able to keep up with it all! Use all of your creative energy to manifest whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Don’t give up. Keep going.”

and for Gemini: “Get ready, Twinsie… changes are a-coming!”

And so Orcas Issues, News and Views  (“BullWings”) brings local information reported and discussed from the grounded pragmatism of the bull and from the idealistic possibilities brought on wings.

This news site promotes internet community journalism that adheres to journalistic ethics of accuracy, accessibility and transparency and to editorial ethics of impartiality, fairness, courage and questioning. Through the Orcas Issues model, citizen journalists and contributors are monitored by editors, with all participants responsible for a new model of journalistic notice, debate and depth.

Who is Margie Doyle?

Margie Doyle

Margie Doyle

I’ve been an Orcas Island resident since 2001 and have worked as a marketing and internet assistant for Pat Pomeroy at Coldwell Banker Orcas Island and as the editor of the Islands Sounder 2006-2008 and the library’s Bookworm 2002-2005. I’ve enjoyed singing with the Orcas Choral Society and Orcas A Cappella.

I published the novel, The Fisherman’s Quilt,  formed Port Gamble Publishing Company and started the websites for both those projects.

Before that I wrote for several community newspapers in Kodiak, Alaska, and Seattle, Everett and Edmonds, Washington. I’ve participated in non-profit fund-raising for gyms, schools, and social agencies. I’ve worked as a legal assistant and a dining room hostess. Through it all, I’ve raised three children and kept close to my family of five siblings. My loves have always been walking, reading and singing, and I would do anything for the thrill of illuminating conversation.

How can I help make Orcas Issues available to our community?

Please donate using the Donate button if you think Orcas Issues provides a service that you’d like to see continue.

And please share this website with your friends and relations. Email links and pages from Orcas Issues to them. If you figure out other ways to spread the word, please let me know. I love to do interviews and connect us to others in our community. And please, comment on the posts and join in the conversation. Commenting is easy, and if you ever have problems PLEASE Send an Email! and I’ll make it worth your while, with my undying gratitude.

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About Orcas Issues — 3 Comments

  1. Margi, have a great weekend!! And thank you for all that you are doing in our community. You are exceptional, and much appricated.

  2. I am SO proud that we have a community newspaper online! Back here in Woburn, I brag about it to everybody but likely there are no subscribers here. My last donation should be up sometime this year, so I’ll do something about it when that’s possible. Love, Jan

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