Editorial: Reality Check – We Rely on Outside Help When Disaster Strikes

— by Lin McNulty — Whaddaya mean we don’t have a bomb squad? Whaddaya mean we don’t have a HazMat unit? Two recent incidents have brought this reality to light in our neighborhoods. On Friday, April 10, a gas spill on Seaview Street on Orcas at 2:49 p.m. prompted a neighborhood evacuation of one-half … Continue reading

Thomerson Addresses OPALCO Candidacy, Rock Island Merger


— from Chris Thomerson, OPALCO Board Candidate (Incumbent) — In running to retain my OPALCO Board seat, my goal, apart from getting us reliable high speed internet, emergency and cell phone coverage, is to ensure OPALCO continues to deliver the cleanest electricity, at lowest cost, when you need it, and, fairly … Continue reading

Editorial Update: The Girl Who Was Hit and a Softer Society

— by Margie Doyle — Update: Since publishing this editorial, a fund-raising effort has been launched online. Please consider helping Emily Foster out by going to gofundme.com/emilyfoster) By now, most islanders have heard that 17-year-old Emily Foster, an Orcas High School Senior, was hit at the intersection of Main Street … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: OPALCO’s Commitment Justified

— by David Mieland — [In the recent conversation about the ”morphing” of OPALCO], maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not under the impression that OPALCO’s venture into broadband is impacting electric rates much at all. We have seen small increases in kilowatthour rates related mostly to wholesale increases from … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: The Little Building That Could…

–by Madie Murray, Olga Strawberry Council Board Member– There’s no time like the present when the present is all you have. It’s a horrible time to be asking for money with Holiday and year-end expenses and obligations still lingering, tax-deductible requirements not needing to be made until the end of … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: SJ Grange Supports Marijuana Production

— by the San Juan Island Grange Executive Committee — At its January 7th, 2015 business meeting San Juan Island Grange #966 resolved to oppose the Proposed Moratorium on Marijuana Production. Even though the San Juan County Council has withdrawn the proposal, San Juan Island Grange #966 would like to … Continue reading

Letter to Editor: Keep The Exchange at the Transfer Station

— from Kyle Carver, Orcas Island — We’re all ready for a new Exchange. It’s been a vital part of our community moving towards a zero waste goal. But the current relocation plan doesn’t add up. The Exchange should remain where it is. The transfer station is zoned “Rural Industrial” … Continue reading