Guest Editorial: Why We Need an Effective CAO

– from Barbara Bentley – The landslide along the Stillaguamish River in Snohomish County is a stark reminder of why we need an effective Critical Areas Ordinance. As the introduction to San Juan County’s CAO states, “Protection and management of these [critical] areas is important to the preservation of ecological … Continue reading

Editorial: Here’s Your Chance to Influence the Fire Levy Vote

– Brown Bag Meeting Tomorrow at Orcas  Fire Station (see directions below) — by Margie Doyle – (Editor’s Note: This editorial was first published on March 5. A number of community members have asked Orcas Issues if there is an election forum planned to state the pros and cons of … Continue reading

Editorial: Our Ancestors, Our Children, Our Waters, Our World

– by Margie Doyle – The momentum of historic change never ceases to amaze me: how quickly some things change, like the internet influence in our lives; and how suddenly, after fighting to emerge, slowly but unstoppable over years, a movement will suddenly break through like the birth of a … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Expanded Fuel Shipping Increases Spill Risks in Salish Sea

– from Janet Alderton of the San Juans Alliance – March 24, 2014 is the 25th Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Many parts of Prince William Sound, where the spill occurred, have yet to fully recover from the catastrophic spill. Could such a disaster happen here in our San … Continue reading

Letter to Editor: EMT’s Life-Saving Skills Require Training – and Levy Lift

– from Rolf Nedelmann – I have been a recipient of the OIFR EMTs this past Christmas Day with heart problems. The EMTs promptly responded to the 911 call, checked me out, communicated with the famous Dr. Sullivan and strongly recommended helicopter evacuation to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Bellingham. Highly skilled … Continue reading

Editorial: CenturyLink a “Customer-Focused Utility”?

 – by Margie Doyle – Long-time customers of CenturyLink on Orcas Island and in San Juan County have recently asked, “What’s happening with the compensation promised us by CenturyLink for the 10-day outage last November?” So we thought we’d ask those who might know, including members of the County Council, … Continue reading

Editorial Column: Love, Tradition and Reading

Girls in the background and boys up front love reading books!

 – by Margie Doyle –  Those of us who love reading know all that is unsaid when someone confesses, “I love to read.”  It’s one of the great pleasures in life and truly a key to opening our imaginations. In my family, I follow the tradition of my great-aunt Eileen, … Continue reading

Orcas Issues Thanks our Generous Supporters!

– by Margie Doyle, Editor – At Orcas Issues: News and Views, we’re dedicated to providing valuable community information. But we think that’s more than just the daily “news.” We value the history and background of our lifestyle, government and pleasures; the nuances and differences in our highest-held principles; the … Continue reading