Letter to the Editor: Housing Shortage Hits Another One of Our Own

— from Patty Johnson — Dear Friends and Neighbors, My name is Patty Johnson. You may recognize me if you’ve been to a Choral Society Concert — I was the accompanist for several years, and am now enjoying being a singer again. Or maybe you’re in my yoga class with … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Hold Spending Down, OPALCO

–– from John and Susan Fleischer — Recently, OPALCO sent out an e-mail about the energy future, Rock Island, and the low income needs assessment. In this e-mail, OPALCO appears to support a “go faster” approach to Rock Island expenditures for the sake of “return on investment”. This may be … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Come to the Kwiaht Party

— from Russel Barsh — Kwiaht and the Indian Island volunteer team warmly invite you to share some food, music, and current knowledge with us at Orcas Center on Thursday November 19 beginning at 5:30 pm! Admission is free for everyone, as always. This year — our seventh — we … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Rock Island Communications Delivers Quality Internet

— from Bern and Anne Marie Shanks — Best new service in the San Juan Islands, Rock Island Communications. It is a real treat to work with our very own start-up internet/phone company. We now have high speed internet at our home. No more spinning wheels, and streaming doesn’t stop. … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Remington Brings Integrity to Fire Commission

— from Michael Durland — I have lived on Orcas for over 30 years and have seen the antics of a Fire Department out of control spending money building million dollar buildings and covering up their actions without remorse. I want someone with integrity and honesty in this position of … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Remington’s Experience & Dedication Commendable

— by Sara Williams — It is the difference in perspective between candidates Wes Heinmiller and Julie Remington that is apt to determine the future direction that the fire commission will take with regard to Orcas Island Fire and Rescue, a highly regarded but increasingly burdened operation, what with rescue … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Remington Well-Qualified for Fire Commissioner

— by Tom Averna — I am endorsing Julie Remington for the Fire Commissioner’s position in the upcoming election. Julie is the ONLY candidate with real world fire department experience. She knows how the fire department works. With her on the board of Commissioners it won’t be on the job … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Heinmiller Has Great Background for OIFR Commission

— from Coleen O’Brien — I’m voting for Wes Heinmiller for the position of Orcas Island Fire Commissioner because he is a terrific fit for the position. He has knowledge of the fire department’s strengths as well as the needs. He has a history of bringing groups together and he … Continue reading

Fall Fundraising Appeal: To All Our Readers

Dear Fellow Islanders, Orcas Issues is looking ahead as we enter the last quarter of this year, with colorful leaves, full moons, autumn harvests and winter preparations. I hear from many of you throughout the year; you are smart, engaged and very passionate about neighborhood, island, county and regional affairs. … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Miss the Film Fest Preview

AdFilmFest2015 feature

— from Donna Laslo and the Orcas Island Film Festival Team — Hello Film Lovers! Join us on this Thursday, Oct. 1st at 6 p.m. at Random Howse for a special Orcas Island Film Festival preview. The Orcas Island Film Festival is right around the corner and we are excited to give you the … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Let’s Really Support Local Agriculture

— from Sandy Strehlou of the Committee for Diversified Agriculture — Last week the County Council announced that they will not be putting the proposed greenhouse regulations on the Council agenda. While it doesn’t mean the Council has dropped the issue for good, this is still good news. I choose … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Heinmiller as Fire Commissioner Will Maintain Excellence

— from Tom Ritter — I strongly endorse Wes Heinmiller for Fire Commissioner of Orcas Island. Mr. Heinmiller is committed to maintaining the high level of service that Orcas Island Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Service provides. We have all benefited from these services and Wes will ensure that they … Continue reading