Letter to Editor: Orcas Island Public Schools M&O Levy – Cast Your Ballots


— from Eric C. Webb, School Superintendent — It is time once again to cast our votes on the upcoming replacement Maintenance & Operations Levy for Orcas Island Public Schools. Passage of the levy will provide approximately 25% of our overall district budget: 30% Teacher Salaries 90% Music & Athletics 65% Staff Training 75% … Continue reading

Letter to Editor: Ranker Represents Us Well


— from Paul Sheridan, Executive Director, Four Winds * Westward Ho Camp — We are fortunate in the San Juan Islands to have Senator Kevin Ranker representing us in Olympia. I’ve known this for some time, but a recent interaction has confirmed that thought beyond my most optimistic expectations. I’m the Executive … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for the Apology!

— from Moriah and Daniel Armstrong — On Wednesday, as an Orcas Coop member, I was quite surprised to open an email from the coop encouraging folks to sign the “Preserve, Not Pave” petition regarding Dolphin Bay Road. I live on Dolphin Bay Road and am sincerely hoping that the … Continue reading

Letter to Editor: Steven Marler, Fire Chief and Sheep Dog

— from Patrick Shepler, Firefighter/Paramedic / Friend — There is an old concept about three basic human attributes. This metaphor was highlighted in a recent movie. It says the world has three types of people: Sheep, Wolves, and Sheep Dogs. Steve was a Protector; a Sheep Dog. Steve dedicated his life to the missions … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Warm Hearts on a Cold Winter Day


— by Heidi Lindberg– I need to thank the people publicly who came out of nowhere to help me, on a very cold damp day, when my usually trusty 38-year-old car stopped as I was backing into a parking space right in the main part of town. While I was … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Citizens Review Orcas Park & Rec Levy


— from the Orcas Island Park and Recreation District Commissioners — Dear Orcas Island Citizens, We, the commissioners of the Orcas Island Park and Recreation District (OIPRD), take the stewardship of public funds as a critical component of our job as elected officials. As part of assuring the voters that … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Support the Orcas Schools’ Maintenance and Operations Levy


— from the Orcas Island School Board — We are constantly humbled by the support we receive from you all year round. The volunteers who give of their time, the donors who contribute so generously, and the taxpayers who literally provide the funding we need to stay in business. All … Continue reading

Montessori School Thanks the Community

— from The Orcas Montessori School Families and Staff– The families and staff of the Orcas Montessori School would like to sincerely thank everyone who generously supported our holiday wreath sale this year. The wreath sale is our second biggest fundraiser, and it benefits the school in a multitude of … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Gifts Today Can Help Moran and All State Parks

— from Jackie Daigle for the Friends of Moran State Park — Friends of Moran State Park would like to encourage you take a look at the twelve amazing non-profit organizations requesting your help this season through the Orcas Island Community Foundation. Friday, Dec. 18 is Challenge Day! The nonprofit … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Helping to Get Big Money Out of Politics

— by David Turnoy — It looks like we’ve made it onto the state ballot. I am referring to I-735, the proposed initiative that would overturn the Supreme Court case of Citizens United so that corporations are no longer “people” and money is no longer “speech”. The minimum number of … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Salmonberry Thanks Artisans Faire

— from the Salmonberry School Board of Directors — The Salmonberry School would like to extend a Warm and Heartfelt “Thank-you” for the very generous donation from this years Artisan Faire vendors.  As we continue our efforts to pay off the “Bridge Loan” needed to complete the purchase of our … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Spirit Eagle Decries Wetland Destruction


— from Spirit Eagle — The Eastsound Sub Area Plan (ESAP) has facilitated destruction of the Wetland/Swale by allowing uses incompatible with a Category 3 Wetland. Developers who, without Permits have taken trees and undergrowth that was necessary for the health of the Wetland in order to put houses and … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Orcas Center for Providing Incredible Opportunity

— from Rachel Brewer, OIHS ‘16 — Last Thursday evening the Orcas Center screened the National Theatre Live’s production of “Hamlet” with Benedict Cumberbatch in the eponymous role. The public high school’s AP English class is currently studying “Hamlet,” and we attended as a group. For most of us, this … Continue reading

Letter to Editor: Restore Oil Pipeline Bans


— from Janet Alderton — Dear Councilors Hughes, Stephens, and Jarman, I ask that you restore the ban on underwater oil pipelines and overwater-facilities for the refining of oil* to the draft SMP Update. I also ask that you include underwater natural gas pipelines and overwater-facilities for creating Liquefied Natural … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Subarea Plan and Prune Alley Improvements Move Ahead

— from Greg Ayers, Chair, EPRC — I want to make the community aware of important upcoming County Council events related to the Eastsound Subarea Plan. After several years of work revising and updating the format of the Plan by the Eastsound Planning and Review Committee (EPRC), it is finally … Continue reading