Letter to the Editor: This, Too, is Our Village Thanks to Bruce Pavitt, Local DJ

— from Janice Wiemeyer — On Sunday, July 24th, my grandson was married at Odd Fellows Hall. He and his now wife are from Salt Lake City as were most of the family and friends. It was a beautiful wedding. But, fifteen minutes before the ceremony, they received a message … Continue reading

Letter to Editor: Salmonberry Fundraiser a Great Success


— from Paula Shuman, Chair, Salmonberry Board of Trustees — The Salmonberry Board of Trustees would like to extend a resounding note of thanks to everyone who made this year’s Annual Fundraiser such a huge success. The amount of affinity and support for the school by Salmonberry Friends and Families was amazing. Although we … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: May 24 Primary Reflects Voter Participation

— by Diane Martindale — You may be perplexed over what Washington’s May 24 Democratic Presidential Primary means, especially if you participated in the March 26 Democratic precinct caucuses. But I encourage you to vote! The media will report the results of the Washington State Republican primary on May 24, … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Chief Investigation and Report Called into Question


— from Art Lange — I am writing in response to the statements made by the Orcas Island Fire Department and by our OIFR Commissioners in The Sounder and Orcas Issues about the investigation and report commissioned by the OIFR Commissioners that led to the resignation of our Fire Chief, Mik Preysz. The … Continue reading

Letter to Editor: OPALCO’s Actions Regarding Board Candidates as an Ethics Question


— from Michael Karp, OPALCO member — OPALCO’s board and management need to be held accountable by members throughout the service area for the way they have conducted themselves, highlighted by the way current board elections are designed and managed. A recent e-mail sent out on Rock Island letterhead by Rock Island’s … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | Amazon: A 21st Century Example of Enlightened Business…NOT


— by David Turnoy — Amazon: the prototype company of the new economy, the story of a young entrepreneur capitalizing on the growth of the Internet, capitalism and competition at its finest, right? Not exactly. There is a dark, underside to the phenomenal growth of this company, and only when … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: OPALCO Bylaw Change is Straightforward


— from Rob Thesman — If you’re an OPALCO member, you’re being asked to vote up or down on a bylaw change contained in the ballots that are being distributed. While opponents are characterizing the bylaw change as “dangerous,” “unnecessary,” and “irresponsible,” the truth is those people are simply trying … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Midsummer Night’s Dream is a Gift


— from Barbara Bentley — What a gift! I can’t say enough about Jake and the entire cast and staff delivered incredibly professional performance!   Yeah, yeah, I know there is a tendency (at least on my part) to think that “local” might mean “cute” —  but this performance at Orcas Center … Continue reading

Letter to Editor | EDC Supports OPALCO/Rock Island Broadband Expansion Efforts


— from Victoria Compton, Economic Development Council — Over a half-century ago, the Carnegie Institute released a report on a contraption that was changing the way America received its information. This report suggested that the technology could reinvent the way that education was delivered to American children, that it could … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Thank You, Voters, from the School Board


— from the Orcas Island School District Board — (Editor’s note: Due to recent internet connectivity issues, we didn’t receive this message, sent Feb. 22, 2016 by Chair Tony Ghazel of the School District Board. Our apologies for this late notice to the school board and to our readers.) We wish … Continue reading