Letter to the Editor: Concern for Eastsound’s Future Take a closer look at Klein/Trogdon Plan

— by Michael Budnick — To the Eastsound Planning and Review Committee (EPRC), sent on Oct. 10 by email to Rick Hughes/ EPRC County Liaison Dear Members of the EPRC, I am writing this letter to you out of concern for Eastsound’s future. In the late 80’s or early 90’s, … Continue reading

Letter to Editor | Durland Has Skills to Serve


— from Sheryl Albritton — Michael’s experience and knowledge with building, land use and environmental regulations is extensive and personal. He is one of many who have stood up to inequities, a necessary skill for successfully serving citizens. Too often those in management or elected positions go with the flow, not … Continue reading

Letter to Editor: Please Vote Yes on I-732 to Address Climate Change Let's make polluters pay and WA taxes less regressive


— from Chris and Chom Graecen — Firstly we would like to thank fellow islanders for gathering signatures and signing in support of the grassroots climate change initiative that is now successfully on the ballot as I-732. Please now join us in voting “YES.” I-732 will reduce Washington State’s greenhouse … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: San Juan County Needs Watson


— from Senator Kevin Ranker — I have known Bill Watson for many years. I find him to be exactly the sort of thoughtful person we need leading this great county of ours. We need strong, intelligent advocates for the issues that bind us together as a community. Bill joining … Continue reading