What’s Farm to Classroom Been Up To?

— from Madie Murray — Farm to Classroom is experienced by all of our public school students from Kindergarten through grade 8. For those of you curious about what students do in these classes, here’s a brief summary of just a few of the exciting food-farm-garden projects they have experienced … Continue reading

Water User Members Prepare Response

– Representatives prepare formal petition to the board at Nov. 18 meeting — by Margie Doyle – On Wednesday, Nov. 12, a group of concerned members of the Eastsound Water Users Association (EWUA), a 501(c)12 non-profit, met to discuss responses to the EWUA board’s decision to impose the purchase of … Continue reading

EWUA Members to Meet Wednesday

 — from Lesley Liddle – (Additional note: To clarify any misunderstanding, this EWUA meeting is a special meeting organized by EWUA members themselves. The EWUA board chose not to have a special meeting this month to address a difficult issue. The coming meeting this Wednesday at the OPAL meeting room … Continue reading

County Emergency Managers Plan for Ebola Response

— from San Juan County’s Health and Community Services Department — San Juan County’s Health and Community Services Department has established a multi-agency command system to insure medical care providers and local government agencies are prepared, should a suspected case of Ebola virus disease be reported here. Dr. Frank James, … Continue reading

Can There be Justice AND Compassion in Human Relations?

Sunday, November 9, 11:30am at Benson Hall (Emmanuel Episcopal Church) — from the Orcas Island Unitarian Universalist Fellowship — All are welcome to join the Orcas Island Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for a discussion on “Promoting Justice, Equality and Compassion in Human Relations,” the second UU Principle. The discussion will be … Continue reading

Guest Column: Water Users’ Board Policy is Discriminatory

– Lesley Liddle – The [Eastsound Water Users Association (EWUA)] Guest House Initiative remains in my mind an unjustified discriminatory surtax which will affect some long time small water users who happen to have guest apartments inside modest homes or nearby on their property, usually created as small spillover units … Continue reading

Guest Column: Many Questions Raised by New EWUA Compliance Policy

— by Doug Bechtel — I’m surprised that Eastsound Water Users Association (EWUA) continues to hold a hard line on their plan to make people with bathrooms in outlying buildings pay for an additional half membership. After hearing from affected people at their recently held Board Meeting, they must understand … Continue reading