County Auditor Reports on 3rd Quarter Finances

— by F. Milene Henley, County Auditor — How Are We Doing? A recent local political cartoon pictured a person, labeled “County Budget,” stuffing money into one pocket, labeled “Reserves,” while simultaneously shuffling money from that pocket to another pocket, labeled “spending,” and pulling money out of the “spending” pocket. … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: The Dire Consequences of TPP: What You Need to Know

— by David Turnoy, reprinted Nov. 24 upon request — What do you know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? After years of negotiations, its text was finally released last week, and it is truly the trade treaty from Hell. Here are some of the very likely consequences: More early deaths … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: New Shoreline Aquaculture Laws Could Impact Homeowners, Tourists

— by Lovel Pratt — The SJC Council is updating the Shoreline Master Program (SMP), with hearings beginning on November 30th. This update is this community’s opportunity to address requirements for future aquaculture operations in SJC, including the types of commercial aquaculture we don’t yet have. There are two types … Continue reading

Guest Column: Congressman Rick Larsen Hears TPP Questions

Congressman Rick Larsen

–by David Turnoy– On Sunday, Nov. 15, Congressman Rick Larsen visited San Juan County to hear from and answer questions of constituents related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. About fifty members of the public attended the forum held at the Grange Hall in Friday Harbor, and for anyone who … Continue reading

What Should a New Dog Park Look Like?

Sunday November 29 from 10 3 p.m. at the Funhouse The San Juan County Land Bank, Orcas Island Park and Recreation District and OOLA, the nonprofit operator of the current off leash area, are looking into the feasibility of providing a new, permanent home for the Orcas Off-leash Area, … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Orcas Boosters Support Sare & Griffin

Jordan Griffin feature

— by Justin Paulson for the Orcas Booster Club — Sometimes our athletes shine well after their time in our program. In fact, isn’t that is kind of the point of it all? We have a lot of pretty fantastic success stories, but I think this one may be one … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Gov. Inslee’s Response to Refugees FROM War and Terror

— from Washington State Governor Jay Inslee in the New York Times — For the last week, a growing number of governors, representatives, senators and presidential candidates have demanded that America slam shut our borders to refugees who are fleeing unspeakable horrors at the hands of the Islamic State. On … Continue reading

Come to the Library to See the Plans!

— from Phil Heikkinen, Orcas Public Library Director — Books and Beyond: the Next Chapter turns another page! Our project designers, HKP Architects, brought the conceptual drawing shown on this page to meetings here on Orcas Island recently. Now they are scheduled to return with new drawings that incorporate abundant … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Rock Island Communications Delivers Quality Internet

— from Bern and Anne Marie Shanks — Best new service in the San Juan Islands, Rock Island Communications. It is a real treat to work with our very own start-up internet/phone company. We now have high speed internet at our home. No more spinning wheels, and streaming doesn’t stop. … Continue reading

Guest Column: Being Mortal on Orcas Island

–– by Thomas Baldwin of the Crossroads Board — We all have one thing in common. We are of different political and religious persuasions, different cultures, ethnicities, and ages, but we will all die. Talking about this inevitability is often uncomfortable so it was something of a surprise that a … Continue reading

Orcas Voices: Meg Massey Helps Students Take the Next Step

meg massey feature

Orcas Issues is proud to introduce a new, occasional column by Sally Buchanan, called “Orcas Voices.” In these columns, Sally will write about the people who speak for ‘the Orcas spirit.’ Her first column features Meg Massey. — by Sally Buchanan– Recently a new resident of Orcas confided that even … Continue reading

Larsen Wants to Hear Your Voice on TPP

Sunday, November 15 from 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the San Juan Island Grange, Friday Harbor — from the office of U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen — Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, is inviting constituents to join him for public meetings about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement and other issues … Continue reading

Guest Column: How OPALCO’s Rate Design Works

 — by Tom Owens — Every utility, including OPALCO, makes decisions on its rate design. These decisions are made for some very good reasons. However, they can impact individual customers quite differently. This article is a short review comparing the rates designs of OPALCO and Puget Sound Energy (PSE), our … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: What Are the Plans for Electric Cyberattack?

— by Ed Sutton — This past Sunday morning on CBS News “Sunday Morning,” retired national news commentator Ted Koppel discussed the vulnerability of the national electric grid to cyberattack. In his just published book, “Lights Out,” he spoke to the consequences of our government and large electric generating companies … Continue reading

Guest Column: Dias de los Muertos and Hallowtide Events

— from Fr. Berto Gándara — Join us at Emmanuel Episcopal Church to celebrate All-Hallowtide, a three day celebration of all Saints and All Souls: • Saturday, October 31 from 3-6pm, All Hallows Eve. Join us for the Great Pumpkin Labyrinth Walk with treats for children and adults. Come with … Continue reading