Letter to the Editor: OPALCO Members, Get Engaged

— by Alex MacLeod — There is growing unhappiness among many OPALCO member-customers following this year’s huge rate increase. OPALCO’s board raised the “facilities charge” to each customer by about 40% — this is a base charge, absent the delivery of any electricity — and raised electric rates by an … Continue reading

Guest Column: Larsen Asked to Witness Growler Impacts

— from the Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve — Congressman Rick Larsen is being called on by his constituents to come to their homes and experience the hazardous noise that he is largely responsible for bringing to their communities. Larsen, who boasts of his role in bringing controversial ‘Growler’ Navy Jets … Continue reading

Ranker Criticizes Oil Train Bill’s Shortcomings

— from Washington State Democrats — Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, released the statement below following Wednesday’s [April 15] passage of an oil train safety bill that falls short of critical protections for communities and valuable information for first responders: “Someone said that Washingtonians will be safer under this bill. … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: 2015 OPALCO Voting Recommendation

— by Chom Greacen, Eric Youngren and Sandy Bishop — We recommend voting for Randy J. Cornelius and Winnie Adams (incumbent). (You can find out more about the full slate of candidates and their bio’s by following this link:http://www.opalco.com/news_article/opalco-board-candidates-announced/). OPALCO is going through rapid changes and many issues have risen … Continue reading