Letter to the Editor: OPALCO 2014 Election

 – from Islands Energy Coalition – Dear OPALCO members, We, the undersigned, are members of the Islands Energy Coalition (IEC), a coalition of individuals from throughout the San Juan’s. Our primary goal is to bring awareness to energy issues ranging from the global to the local. On April 14th we hosted … Continue reading

Letter to Editor: Sustainable Funding for First Responders

– from Rick Hughes – We live in a remote part of Washington State, in a community of islands with limited transportation options and no critical/urgent/hospital care available on Orcas Island. What we do have is an amazing group of locally trained volunteers and professional fire fighters and paramedics. Living … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Expanded Fuel Shipping Increases Spill Risks in Salish Sea

– from Janet Alderton of the San Juans Alliance – March 24, 2014 is the 25th Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Many parts of Prince William Sound, where the spill occurred, have yet to fully recover from the catastrophic spill. Could such a disaster happen here in our San … Continue reading

Editorial: CenturyLink a “Customer-Focused Utility”?

 – by Margie Doyle – Long-time customers of CenturyLink on Orcas Island and in San Juan County have recently asked, “What’s happening with the compensation promised us by CenturyLink for the 10-day outage last November?” So we thought we’d ask those who might know, including members of the County Council, … Continue reading

Guest Column: Meet Deadline to Protest BC Pipeline Expansion

— from Shaun Hubbrad for San Juan Islanders for Safe Shipping — Hooray, Safe Shippers! Once again your voices were heard! Many thanks to those of you who sent your letters in! On behalf of the State of Washington, regarding marine transportation issues, the Department of Ecology (DoE) is applying … Continue reading

Canadian Pipeline Expansion Threatens Salish Sea

County Urged to Seek Intervenor Status by the San Juans Alliance – from the San Juans Alliance — In December the pipeline company Kinder Morgan finally submitted a long-anticipated proposal for expansion of its Trans Mountain Pipeline from Alberta to Vancouver, BC. As this project will have a major impact … Continue reading