Guest Opinion: Trees in Eastsound Swale Essential to Good Development and how one woman worked to preserve essential open spaces

— by Sadie Bailey — I really appreciate the thought that went into Charlie Carver’s Letter to the Editor on March 6 (see ).Thank you for caring about Eastsound; so few Orcas people understand what we are up against here. I would add one thing to your concerns that’s … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Could Orcas Be Nantucket? Never Say Never

— by Joe Symons — Anyone who has moved to San Juan County (SJC) since 2000, and many others who already were here, may not know that in 2000 the SJC planning department commissioned a study of San Juan County specifically to be compared with other island counties on the … Continue reading

Letter to Editor | Why Waterfront Development, Not Waterfront Reclamation?

— from Charles Carver — On Mar. 6 I attended a meeting of the EPRC, curious about the visioning process for Eastsound that I have heard about. I much appreciated that portion of the meeting, the items under consideration and the enthusiasm of attendees. Another topic came up at the … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | Comp Plan? What’s That? Who Cares? Orcas Islanders face stewardship vs. exploitation

— by Joe Symons — I am not working on the Comp Plan because it brings me joy. The motivation for this work is love: love of these precious islands and a strong impulse for stewardship instead of exploitation. There is hardly anything more boring and dry than a comp … Continue reading

Shepler to Speak on Causes of Death Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief to address Sunrise Lions

Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 8 a.m. at the Skillet — from Chris White for Orcas Lions — Battalion Chief and Paramedic Patrick Shepler of Orcas Fire and Rescue will speak next Wednesday Feb 22 at 8 a.m. to the Orcas Lions and Sunrise Volunteer members regarding the four most common … Continue reading

Winter Reading: What the White House is Reading Journalist's classic, ironically titled The Best and the Brightest

–by Marc Tracy of the New York Times — On the day after Christmas, I was walking through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when I caught sight of a slightly rumpled man waiting for a flight. He seemed familiar, the way figures in dreams do. It was, I thought, Stephen K. … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: County Comprehensive Plan Guides Growth

— by Joe Symons — You may have heard that San Juan County has embarked on an update to the county’s Comprehensive Plan. What you may not know is what a Comprehensive Plan (CP) is and how it impacts your life and the life of the community. Short answer—the CP … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | Something to Be Proud Of and Fight Against

— from David Kobrin — Last week, at the Eastsound Post Office, I asked for American Flag stamps. I said aloud, “Now, there’s something to be proud of. There’s something worth fighting against.” Judging by looks on the faces of some patrons near enough to hear my comment, I realized … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: School’s Vitality Depends on Rejecting Bond

–by April and Clyde Duke — We had three children go through the Orcas public school system. Two graduated conventionally and one through the OASIS program. We want to support the ongoing viability of this important institution therefore we will be voting NO on the school bond measure. When our … Continue reading

Guest Column: How to Communicate with Congress Two actions suggested by high level staffer

— by Pat Reuss, National Action Vice President for the National Organization of Women — What I have been preaching since I came to DC to lobby for women’s rights 38 years ago: Get to know the staff person for your Senators and Rep.  Even though their boss may be … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | School Bond Needed for Whole School Community

— from Orcas Island School Board and Superintendent Webb — Soon you will be voting on a new school bond. The bond corrects safety issues and makes essential repairs or improvements to OISD facilities that were not included in previous bonds. Several meetings/surveys determined the content of this bond. Everything … Continue reading