Letter to the Editor: San Juan County Needs Watson


— from Senator Kevin Ranker — I have known Bill Watson for many years. I find him to be exactly the sort of thoughtful person we need leading this great county of ours. We need strong, intelligent advocates for the issues that bind us together as a community. Bill joining … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Compassion, Empathy, Sustainability After 12 years at Orcas Center, Artha Kass continues to champion the arts


— from Artha Kass, notes from a speech at the Orcas Center reception on Sunday, October 16 — Twenty-three years ago, when I was visiting Orcas, still in the last stages of my decision-making process to move here, by chance I attended a community theatre event at Orcas Center. It … Continue reading

Fadem Literature Class Reunion

Thursday, October 27, noon to 2 p.m. at the Senior Center — from Andrea Hendrick, Mary Poletti and Howard Barbour — Everybody loves a class reunion, well, maybe not everybody! Regardless, all who attended one or more of Richard Fadem’s Literature Classes are invited to attend Richard’s Class Reunion, Thursday, … Continue reading

Eastsound Vision for the Milennials’ Future Seeking inter-generational engagement with islanders under 50 yrs

— from Gretchen Krampf — It’s a 50/50 Conversation: Eastsound Village … What’s Your Vision? Join us Wednesday, October 26th at the Eastsound Fire Hall from 6 to 8 p.m. Eastsound Village is the center of Orcas Island. As our main commercial hub, it’s also slated as the area of … Continue reading

Council Candidate Michael Durland Outlines His Vision


— from Michael Durland for Council Position #2 — Mine is a true grassroots campaign. I am not soliciting campaign donations. You will see no yard signs.  I ask that you vote for me and support my efforts to make positive change in County government. I grew-up farming, served in the … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Reykdal Understands Challenges of School Students Candidate for State Superintendent is grounded in the real world


— by Kari Schuh — I first met Chris Reykdal in January of 2016 when he and five other candidates running for the Superintendent of Public Instruction spoke to a cohort group of WSU graduate students. I could see then that Chris, hands down, was the frontrunner of all the … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Watson Understands County’s Need for Balance


— by Bear and Mitzi Johnson — To the Voters of San Juan County Re: Bill Watson, Candidate for County Council, District #1, San Juan County. As full-time San Juan County residents since 1983, we’ve watched the County grow from sleepy, little laid-back communities to vital location destinations with great … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Jarman Thanks Eagle Forum and League of Women Voters Forums held on Shaw, Orcas, Lopez and San Juan Islands


— by Bob Jarman, S.J. County Councilman Dist. 1 — I would like to thank the volunteers of the San Juan Grange, the Eagle Forum, and the League of Women Voters for hosting candidate forums these past two weeks. The service these organizations do for our county by providing the … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | Getting Help in Troubled Times


— from Hugh M. Grant, LICSW — The magic of Orcas Island wins over most visitors almost immediately. The island’s beauty is such that even a short list of its appealing features can sound like the exaggerated praise of advertisements, but it’s nevertheless true that lovely mountains, tranquil lakes, miles … Continue reading

Editorial | Let’s Make This Our Last Columbus Day Celebration


— by Lin McNulty — “Columbus sailed the ocean blue In fourteen hundred ninety-two” We learned to recite that little ditty in school as we were taught that Christopher Columbus’ “discovery of America” in 1492 was a defining moment in our country’s history, that it is when American history really began. We are now learning to view … Continue reading

Flotsam and Jetsam: Attention Not Required Succumbing to the lure of "icrutches"

— a semi-regular humor column by Maurice Austin — After a couple close brushes involving motorists drifting over the center line into the opposing lane of travel on this our fair isle, I’ve become convinced that the recent proposal by the Madrona Venture Group to establish an autonomous vehicle corridor … Continue reading

General Election Government Candidates Greet Shaw Islanders Federal and State Legislative candidates take part in LWV Forum

— by Margie Doyle — The League of Women Voters (LWV) of the San Juans began a marathon week of voter forums at Shaw Island on Monday night. Federal, state and local candidates for government office were in attendance. League President Clare Kelm and LWV SJs Board members Steve Bowman … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Make the Salish Sea a World Heritage Site from our neighbors across the international border

— from Laurie Gourlay for the Times Colonist — This is a legacy moment for the Salish Sea, and for all of us who live by the shores of this important, biodiverse and world-class inner ocean. Right now, we have a chance to protect it as a World Heritage Site, … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: County Needs Open Mind Like Durland’s

— by Peter Giese — Michael Durland would be an excellent County Councilman.  His honesty and abilities are what the citizens of San Juan County will appreciate. The future of the San Juans will glow through the open mind, the effort and service, citizens like Durland are waiting to contribute. … Continue reading

Pop-up Party at Public Works Lot in Heart of Eastsound County and Public ponder use of property bought with road funds


— by Margie Doyle — Today, October 1,  there’s a Pop-Up Party going on at the County Public Works lot in the heart of Eastsound, connecting North Beach Road to Prune Alley. Formerly (pre-2002) it was the site of the Orcas Island Senior Center, right across the street from the … Continue reading

County and Municipal Employees Endorse Hughes and Watson for Council

— from Colin Maycock, President, AFSCME Local 1849, updated Oct. 1 at 12:30 p.m.– On the morning of June 18, 2016 members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union, Local 1849 (San Juan County employee’s union) gathered to meet the San Juan County Council candidates … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Election Review Committee Process Free of OPALCO Mgmt/Board Input Recommendations made by committee members to be explained in community forums


— by Terry O’Sullivan — [In response to recent opinions expressed in Orcas Issues,] and as one co-chair of the Election Review Committee, I want to ensure that everyone understands that OPALCO’s Board and Management are the wrong ones to ask why our Committee recommended what it did. Our Committee … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | To Bernie Supporters, From a Bernie Supporter


— from David Turnoy — Back in the early 1990s, when I learned that there was a socialist Congressman from Vermont named Bernie Sanders, I was thrilled. Finally, I thought, a person with my political views is in somewhat of a position of power. I began contributing small amounts of … Continue reading