Guest Column: “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” Early words from a non-violent Civil Rights Leader

— by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — 16 April 1963 My Dear Fellow Clergymen: While confined here in the Birmingham city jail, I came across your recent statement calling my present activities “unwise and untimely.” Seldom do I pause to answer criticism of my work and ideas. If … Continue reading

“Growler” Draft Environmental Impact Statement: The Emperor Has No Clothes Deadline for comments on Jan. 25

–from Chom Greacen, Member, Quiet Skies over San Juan County– The Navy plans to add 36 EA-18G “Growler” fighter jets and roughly double the number of Growler flight operations out of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. The only thing standing in its way is completion of the Environmental Impact Statement … Continue reading

Orcas Issues Predicts: Expect the Unexpected in 2017 Go ahead! Add your predictions!

Orcas Medical Center will receive the necessary donations by the January 15 date to proceed with the agreement with University of Washington Neighborhood Clinics to assume operations at OMC. Growlers will soon be practicing landings on the numerous oil tankers puffing their way through Puget Sound. Hillary Clinton will soon … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | UWNC and Orcas Island Healthcare

— from Dick and BJ Arnold, Carol Boring, Dale Heisinger, JoEllen Moldoff, Patsy and Stu Stephens (reprinted from Dec. 22) — In our opinion piece published the week of December 11, we expressed our desire to integrate our three Orcas Island practices into the Medical Center with UWNC as the administrator. … Continue reading

Seattle Youth Lead the Way in Climate Protection State gov't has responsibility to protect the future by protecting the environment, judge rules

by Phuong Le | AP December 20 at 9:36 PM Eight Seattle children should have “their day in court” to argue that Washington state and others aren’t protecting them from climate change, a judge ruled. King County Superior Court Judge Hollis Hill on Monday allowed the young petitioners to move ahead in … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | OMF/UW Medicine Q&A (Part 2) An ongoing conversation with the community

– from Orcas Medical Foundation (OMF) – This is the second in a series of answers to frequently asked questions about the OMF/UW Medicine plan to have a UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas Island. The complete ongoing, cumulative OMF/UW Medicine Q&A document, is available now by clicking this link: … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Orcas Medical Center Questions & Answers An ongoing conversation regarding becoming a University of Washington Neighborhood Clinic

-– from the Orcas Medical Foundation (OMF) –- (Updated Dec. 5, 2016) (This is the first in a series of answers to frequently asked questions about the OMF/UW Medicine plan to have a UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas Island. Each week, these updates will be submitted for publication and also … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | OMF is Looking to the Future for All on Orcas

– from Orcas Medical Foundation – For 60 years, Orcas Medical Foundation (OMF) has been dedicated to serving the medical needs of all on Orcas Island. We have always sought the best possible medical care available. Our Orcas Medical Center staff has been there for patients and non-patients alike, during … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Pipeline Project Poses Major Threat to San Juan Region state legislature needs to implement recommendations this coming session before the next barge incident

–by Fred Felleman and Jamie Stephens, originally published in — There is a dichotomy that defines the Salish Sea, the network of waterways that includes Puget Sound, the San Juan region, and southwestern British Columbia. These deep, protected waters serve as habitat for a diversity of marine species and … Continue reading

Editorial: Giving Thanks When Others Are Hurting

— by Margie Doyle — Living and working on Orcas Island, I’m thankful: for Arts for Orcas Kids (A-OK) and the Music Advocacy Group, who work throughout the year to provide music and art experiences and learning to all our schoolchildren as part of the public school curriculum; for those … Continue reading