From EWUA: Guest House Upgrade Initiative Progress Report

— from the Eastsound Water Users Association (EWUA) — In 2015 EWUA will begin the process of developing our next Water System Plan, which is required by the State Department of Health every 6 years. Foundational to this process is documenting EWUA’s service commitments to insure that we have the … Continue reading

Essayist, Poet, Buddhist Monk Ira Sukrungruang Reads

Sunday, March 1, 4 p.m., Darvill’s — from Jill McCabe Johnson Perhaps the one thing that consistently permeates Ira Sukrungruang’s (pronounced sook-rung-rung) is his self-deprecating humor. That and his lyric voice. That and his keen observation of human nature. As you can see, it is impossible to simplify the marvelously … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: OPALCO’s Commitment Justified

— by David Mieland — [In the recent conversation about the ”morphing” of OPALCO], maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not under the impression that OPALCO’s venture into broadband is impacting electric rates much at all. We have seen small increases in kilowatthour rates related mostly to wholesale increases from … Continue reading

The Last Week of Our “Push to Finish”

— from The Olga Strawberry Council Board — Picture yourself having the best first half of the year since the recession of 2008 in sales and visitors to your business. That’s what Café Olga, the Artworks Cooperative and James Hardman Gallery were experiencing when the call came on July 19, … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Support SJ Farmer Jenny Rice

 — from Lisa Lawrence — We would like everyone to show that we’re in “Solidarity with Jenny” and our local farmers, by wearing green this Friday 2/27/2015 in the Superior Courthouse, San Juan Island. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before and peacefully attend the 1:30 pm hearing for a summary judgement. The lawsuit … Continue reading

OPALCO and Rock Island Join Internet Forces

— from Rock Island Communications and OPALCO — General Manager Foster Hildreth announced today that Orcas Power and Light Cooperative (OPALCO) has acquired Rock Island Communications. Rock Island will merge its staff, infrastructure and operations with OPALCO to deliver modern, scalable and reliable broadband services for homes and businesses in … Continue reading