County Shellfish Harvesting Areas Show Exceptional Water Quality

— from San Juan County Communications — An annual evaluation of water quality found that all eight commercial harvesting areas in San Juan County showed exceptional water quality, resulting in no County closures. In contrast, statewide this year, six of the 105 commercial harvesting areas were closed and 16 additional … Continue reading

EMERGENCE Exhibit Will Feature First Nation Artists Runs Memorial Day through Labor Day

— from Diane Martindale for San Juan Islands Museum of Art — EMERGENCE is the exhibition of First Nation Legendary & Emerging Artists
 that will run through Labor Day. In this exhibition, voices of First Nation ancestors speak through the work of a new generation of artists and their honored mentors. San Juan … Continue reading

Guidelines: Let Wildlife Be Wild Do your part to protect our island wildlife

— from Raena Parsons for San Juan Island National Historical Park — San Juan Island National Historical Park provides habitat for many species of animals. When you visit the park, you are visiting their home. The choices you make have a direct effect on the wild animals that live here. … Continue reading

Roadway Excavation and Rock Breaking Underway at Orcas Park & Ride

— from Jesse Douglas-Seitz for San Juan County Public Works — Rock breaking is scheduled to continue on site next week with the large hydraulic hammer. Our contractor will continue roadway excavation bringing the surface closer to subgrade. Material produced during rock breaking activities will stay on site to build the roadway … Continue reading

From Moscow to Orcas: “A Hero of Our Time” “Give me everything, it is still not enough…”

Friday, May 26, 6:30 p.m., Orcas Center — from Susannah Weaver for Orcas Center — The Bolshoi Ballet brings “A Hero Of Our Time” from the Moscow stage to Orcas Center in Cinema on Friday, May 26, 6:30 p.m. Join us for a ballet of passionate interludes accompanied by a … Continue reading

Stockwell to Share Her El Camino de Santiago Trip "Stepping Out in Faith"

Saturday, May 27, 11 a.m., Orcas Senior Center — from Faith Heath for Orcas Community Church — All island women are invited to come hear adventurous long-distance hiker and new Orcas Islander Judy Stockwell speak at the annual Women’s Spring Luncheon hosted by Orcas Island Community Church on Saturday, May … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | A New Vision

— from Joe Symons — Imagine a county whose population of residents and visitors chooses to honor its rural, wild, sustainable, refreshing, slow, nature-dominated, non-exploitive, respectful, in-perpetuity heritage. Imagine stepping off the ferry into a sacred sanctuary. Imagine that while everything looks the same, humans operate with a mindset of … Continue reading