Dead Man’s Cell Phone: Our “Devices” Have a (Weird) Life of Their Own

— A review by Margie Doyle — It’s a puzzle, a tapestry and very much a hoot! “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” opened to a capacity crowd at Orcas Center’s Black Box last night, rewarding the audience with quick-paced commentary on love and connections in a slick, enthralling production, directed by … Continue reading

Mini-Film Festival This Weekend Two showtimes for four films Friday and Saturday nights

— from Jared Lovejoy — Orcas Island Film Festival Presents an International 4-film mini-fest on June 23-24 at 7 and 9 p.m. at the Sea View Theatre, featuring four incredible films from four countries. These films are fresh from the festival circuit and include early contenders for Oscar awards for … Continue reading

Hazardous Waste Round-Up This Weekend Saturday on Orcas, Sunday on Lopez

— from San Juan County Public Works/Environmental Resources — Many household items may be harmful to you, your family, animals, and the environment. San Juan County and the Washington Department of Ecology conduct annual Hazardous Waste Round-Ups to remove these toxic materials from our islands and maintain a healthy environment. … Continue reading

Guest Column: The Graduation Tradition Continues Islanders welcome graduating seniors with full hearts, scholarships and laughter

— by Kathi Ciskowski — Cheering crowds, 28 elated graduates, music, officials, awards (both monetary and academic), caps and gowns, adoring teachers, and a surprise visit from the recently departed Orcas Island renegade bear, all were present at the Graduation Ceremony for the Orcas Island High School class of 2017 … Continue reading

A Brand New Chapter Opens at the Library Friday, June 23 from 5 to 8 p.m.

— by Margie Doyle — Late notice: Library will be closed for collection moving and painting until Friday June 23. Friday is the long-awaited day for the opening of the expanded Orcas Island Public Library. the completion of the project is a triumph of planning, design, participation and execution befitting … Continue reading

High School Scholars In Their Own Words Orcas High's Valedictorian and Salutatorians Represent Us

— by Ayn Gailey, updated June 20 at 1:30 p.m. — What better way to send off our top Orcas Island seniors than subjecting them to an island version of the historic Proust Questionnaire? In their own words. . . VALEDICTORIAN: EMMA HEIKKINEN Valedictorian Emma Heikkinen, Editor-in-Chief of The Viking … Continue reading

Funhouse Hires New Director, Maureen Moran

— from the Funhouse Commons — The Funhouse Commons Board of Directors announces with great pleasure the hire of Maureen Moran as the organization’s new Executive Director. Maureen moved from Seattle to Orcas Island with her family in 2016. Her husband, Jim, works on the inter-island run for the Washington … Continue reading

Propane Tank and Delivery Service Planned for Residential Area Comments need to be submitted by June 21

— by Margie Doyle, updated June 17 at 4:30 p.m. — County officials are considering the application for InterIsland Propane to place a 30,000-gallon propane tank and distribution center on a lot just west of the airport, adjacent to residential homes on Seaview Street and within 300 feet of Opal … Continue reading

Abreu and Limbach Come Back from People’s Summit Galvanized "You can build a lot of positive momentum by doing one thing at a time"

— by Margie Doyle, updated June 20 at 3 p.m. — Sharon Abreu and Learner Limbach returned this week from the second “People’s Summit” held last weekend in Chicago with a rekindled passion to build a new peoples’ movement to give power back to the people so that they may … Continue reading

Upcoming Bond: Needs Over Wants School Board Special Meeting

–by Ayn Gailey — After months of collecting community feedback, the School Board held a special meeting on Wednesday, June 14, to hear more input and make a decision on what to do about the bond that did not pass in February. The Board heard from bond consultant Trevor Carlson, … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: French Elections Have Lessons for U.S. Inclusive politics on the rise

— by Tom Owens — France has just seen a revolution in their political landscape. The old guard is out. Emmanuel Macron, a new, little known politician started a new party and went on to win the Presidency.  He now faces parliamentary elections to gain seats and legislative influence.  He … Continue reading