Guest Opinion: Public School Employees Union Seeks Wage Support

— from members of the Orcas Island Chapter of Public Employees Union– Thank you Orcas Island Community for passing the OISD Bond and Levy, this will provide funding for necessary school improvements! The Orcas chapter of the Public School Employees union is currently in negotiation with the OISD Administration concerning … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Island Inspiration All-Stars Shine at the Seaview Young "Shooting Stars" join dancers

— from Pat Littlewood, updated at 9 p.m.– Once again Anthony the Dancer has produced a splendid dance concert with his All-Star cast of professionally trained dancers, Hailey Averna, Gail Bulletset, Charles Dalton, Jessica Kruger, Tiffany Loney, Aristotle Luna, Samantha Martin, Stephanie Moss and Anwyn Thompson. They were joined by … Continue reading

Letter to Editor | Mail Your Ballot by Monday Make sure your vote gets counted

— from San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney/Coroner — About 13,000 ballots were mailed to county voters almost two weeks ago. As of Friday morning (Nov. 3) only 25 percent (about 3,200) of the ballot envelopes had been received. That means many voters have their ballots. Getting those ballots in “on … Continue reading

Letter to Editor | Volunteer Coaches Make It Possible

— from Orcas Park and Rec — Orcas Island Park and Recreation District would like to thank the volunteers for this fall season. Our volunteers dedicated their time throughout the season to spend time with our island youth coaching Flag Football, Pee Wee Soccer, Youth Soccer, and Boy’s Choir. Justin … Continue reading

Letter to Editor | Join Us In Supporting Bond, Levy

— from Dr. Camille Fleming & John Fleming — While my husband would like to talk about the bond addressing aging building infrastructure and bone-jarring rip-the-bumper-off-our-van trips through the high school parking lot, I would rather write about student and community health and well-being. The school athletic fields have been home … Continue reading