Pandemic poetry | Try to praise the mutilated world

Try to Praise the Mutilated World  BY ADAM ZAGAJEWSKI — TRANSLATED BY CLARE CAVANAGH Try to praise the mutilated world.Remember June’s long days,and wild strawberries, drops of rosé wine.The nettles that methodically overgrowthe abandoned homesteads of exiles.You must praise the mutilated world.You watched the stylish yachts and ships;one of them had a … Continue reading

Pandemic poetry | In perpetual spring by Amy Gerstler

In Perpetual Springby Amy Gerstler Gardens are also good placesto sulk. You pass beds ofspiky voodoo liliesand trip over the rootsof a sweet gum tree,in search of medievalplants whose leaves,when they drop offturn into birdsif they fall on land,and colored carp if theyplop into water. Suddenly the archetypalhuman desire for … Continue reading

Pandemic poetry | Immortality by Lisel Mueller

IMMORTALITYby Lisel Mueller In Sleeping Beauty’s castlethe clock strikes one hundred yearsand the girl in the tower returns to the world.So do the servants in the kitchen,who don’t even rub their eyes.The cook’s right hand, liftedan exact century ago,completes its downward arcto the kitchen boy’s left ear;the boy’s tensed vocal … Continue reading

Pandemic poetry | who will be the messenger of this land

who will be the messenger of this land Jaki Shelton Green who will be the messenger of this landcount its veinsspeak through the veinstranslate the language of waternavigate the heels of lineagewho will carry this land in parcelspaper, linen, burlapwho will weep when it bleedsand hardensforgets to birth itself who … Continue reading