The Life, the Library, the Legend How Orcas Island Public Library came to be

— by Emma Heikkinen — REPRINTED FROM JULY 19, 2016 Let’s start in 1949, glossing over the bit where the Madrona Club hosted a small library in their clubhouse in 1909. Sally Ployart had books. Hundreds of brand new books. She didn’t know what to do with them — a … Continue reading

Library Closure Extended Library to be closed until Friday, June 23

— from Martin Arnold — We need more time! The addition to the Library is taking longer than expected to complete. The Library will be closed until Friday, June 23. The Library is expected to open its normal time – 10 a.m. – on Friday. Thanks for your continued patience. … Continue reading

A Brand New Chapter Opens at the Library Friday, June 23 from 5 to 8 p.m.

— by Margie Doyle — Late notice: Library will be closed for collection moving and painting until Friday June 23. Friday is the long-awaited day for the opening of the expanded Orcas Island Public Library. the completion of the project is a triumph of planning, design, participation and execution befitting … Continue reading

Pelindaba and Orcasong Team Up

— from Paul King for Orcasong — Pelindaba and Orcasong today announce a long-term strategic alliance to significantly expand Lavender production in the San Juan Islands. “Escalating demand for our broad portfolio of all-natural lavender-based products across the country has prompted our desire to significantly expand our environmentally friendly organic … Continue reading

Guest Column: The End of KVOS Influence on Mt. Constitution Summit

–by Rolf Eriksen — As I have viewed the demolition of the KVOS building on the summit of Mt. Constitution in recent days I am feeling a bit wistful knowing that the influence that KVOS and its management has pretty well ended in multiple dump trucks full of debris. As … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Sign the “Immigration Rights” Initiative June 30 deadline for required signatures

— by Bill Buchan — I am no longer a resident of San Juan County, but [I am doing what I can] to help get Initiative 2017-07 on the ballot. I urge each of you to do what you can to oppose the wrong-headed aspects of our President’s Immigration Policy. … Continue reading

Native Plants Find New Home in School Garden Grant from Garden Club nurtures school garden

— from Ashley Randall — Cascade Penstemon, Flowering Red Currant, Kinnikinnick, Sea Blush.  Do you know the three things all these plants have in common?  Go ahead, read ‘em again and think about it. You got all three? Okay, let’s see if we came up with the same answers: 1. … Continue reading

Rock Breaking, Road Construction Make Progress

— from Jesse Douglas-Seitz for San Juan County Public Works — Roadway excavation and rock breaking activities have made significant progress at the site of a new Park and Ride lot above Orcas ferry landing. Utility relocation is active on Orcas Hill Road. Rock breaking is scheduled to continue on site … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | In Wildness is the Preservation of the World For those who visit, reside, or love the San Juan Islands

— from Comp Plan Update Team — The dominant theme quietly residing in the 1994 San Juan County Vision Statement, and refreshed in the 2017 Eastsound Visioning process and Vision Statement, is the notion of maintaining, enhancing, and preserving as much rural, slow, quiet, friendly, “island time” community spirit, and … Continue reading

Orcas Voices from Orcas History Oral history exhibit spotlights the Orcas Museum's summer schedule

–-by Margie Doyle — Years of recorded oral history seemed to languish unnoticed at the Orcas Historical Museum, but then Edrie Vinson set her granddaughter Terri on the task and the result was viewed by the public last week as  “Orcas Voices Oral History” exhibit was unveiled. The museum’s newest … Continue reading

Roadway Excavation and Rock Breaking Underway at Orcas Park & Ride

— from Jesse Douglas-Seitz for San Juan County Public Works — Rock breaking is scheduled to continue on site next week with the large hydraulic hammer. Our contractor will continue roadway excavation bringing the surface closer to subgrade. Material produced during rock breaking activities will stay on site to build the roadway … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | A New Vision

— from Joe Symons — Imagine a county whose population of residents and visitors chooses to honor its rural, wild, sustainable, refreshing, slow, nature-dominated, non-exploitive, respectful, in-perpetuity heritage. Imagine stepping off the ferry into a sacred sanctuary. Imagine that while everything looks the same, humans operate with a mindset of … Continue reading

Cruise into History: Sentinels of Orcas Island and Surrounding Waters

Sunday, May 21 at noon — by Carol Kulminski — Eclipse Charters once again hosts a benefit cruise for Orcas Island Historical Museums, this year on Sunday, May 21. The cruise will focus on the main water ways in the San Juan Islands, noting the markers, navigation aids, and the light … Continue reading