Letter to the Editor: UW Medicine on Orcas

— by Joe Cohen — Along with 200+ other Orcas residents, I attended the UW Medicine briefing at Orcas Center of Thursday September 7th. My take away from the conversation is simply this: As a community we have finally started down a path that will ultimately serve our collective ‘heath … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: The Farmed Salmon Spill Risks of farmed Atlantic salmon to Salish Sea salmon

 — by Dr. Joe Gaydos from SeaDocSociety  —  On August 19 and 20, a net pen owned by Cooke Aquaculture Pacific collapsed, releasing an undetermined number (estimates range from 4,000 to 185,000) of the 305,000 Atlantic salmon being raised there into the waters around Cypress Island, just northwest of Anacortes, … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | Say No to Longview Coal Terminal

— from Michael Riordan — (Reprinted in part with permission of Seattle Times) The state Department of Ecology will soon make an important permitting decision that could well pit Washington state against the federal government. The proposed Millennium Bulk Terminal-Longview project must obtain a Clean Water Act Section 401 permit … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | Why Is It OK for the County Council to Protect “Illegal Immigrants”?

— from David Turnoy — Now that the council has passed an ordinance protecting undocumented residents from being asked their documentation status by our local deputies, a number of folks are questioning why this wasn’t allowed to go to a vote of the people. Others are questioning the council for … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | Where is OPALCO Heading, and Why?

— from Tom Owens — Friends of the San Juans recently published its Community Conversation about growing local economies, ecologies and connections. It is well worth your time to read this information. It contained an article by OPALCO explaining how they plan to grow local energy abundance and resilience in … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Free to Be Regulated

— by Joe Symons — As I sit waiting for my ferry, I notice the white lines marking the lanes. Why were they painted? Surely to help guide the traffic, to provide an orderly means to establish the first come, first serve rule which silently regulates the cultural understanding of … Continue reading

Guest Opinion | Clean Air for San Juan County?

— from Michael Riordan — During the recent smoke surge into northwest Washington from Canadian fires, San Juan County was flying blind in a fog, without instruments. Every other county in the Puget Sound area belongs to one of three regional clean air agencies, which monitor the local air quality … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Rental Housing at Risk Due to Legislature’s Failure to Adopt Capital Budget With no capital budget, prospects of OPAL's affordable housing project dim

— from Lisa Byers, Executive Director, OPAL Community Land Trust — The Washington State legislature adjourned last week without adopting a capital budget. There is no timeline for the legislature to reconvene. That means there may be no capital budget adopted this year. This is bad news for the Orcas … Continue reading

Orcas Women’s Coalition Moves Immigration Initiative Forward Council announces public hearing

— from the Orcas Women’s Coalition — The OWC-IRG Immigration Initiative qualified for the November ballot with overwhelming numbers because you wanted to make a difference and it worked. A small but mighty coalition of citizen activists from all the big islands brought your tidings to the San Juan County … Continue reading

Lecture Preview: The Future of Journalism with Hedrick Smith "The business about opinions is secondary to getting the facts"

Friday, July 28 at p.m. at 7 p.m. at Orcas Center — by Margie Doyle — Hedrick Smith, an innovator as well as an institution in journalism, will speak as an Orcas Currents Lecturer, along with Sarah Stillman, a writer for the New Yorker magazine, at Orcas Center on Friday, … Continue reading

Gov. Inslee Comments on Historic Health Care Vote Statement issued in advance of the Senate vote

— from Washington State Governor Jay Inslee — “It’s inconceivable that any of our nation’s leaders think our health care system will be improved by ripping away health care from 22 million Americans and vastly increasing the costs for millions more. “President Trump promised Americans he would improve our health … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Planning an Afterthought to County Leaders?

— by Walt Corbin — There appears to be little concern on the part of County leadership in addressing the matter of future planning for the County, as required under the Growth Management Act. Unfortunately many citizens are complacently comfortable in the warm waters of summer, not realizing that the … Continue reading