Who Is the Coalition for Orcas Healthcare?

— by Art Lange —

Several writers of comments to Orcas Issues letters have asked: who are the members of the Coalition for Orcas Healthcare? The following members of our community are members:

BJ Arnold*, Dick Arnold*, Carol Boring*, Hilary Canty*, Joanne Cundy, Camille
Fleming*, Martha Farish, Richard Fralick, Julie Gottman*, Dale Heisinger*, Caitlin
Herlihy, Steve Hulley, Steve Jung, Dennis King, Art Lange*, Patty Miller, JoEllen
Moldoff*, Anne Presson, Donna Riordan, Tom Ritter, Alison Shaw*, Patsy Stephens*,
Stu Stephens*, Bob Waunch, James Wolf, Norm Zimlich

*Indicates founding member

The Coalition has been in communication with representatives of all the providers on Orcas and we will continue to do so as we move forward.

These folks are members of our community who would like to facilitate a public dialogue about how we, as a community, want to ensure that primary and urgent care (including after-hours care) will be available to all the members of our community in a financially sustainable and predictable manner now and for generation to come. If the Coalition is successful in getting enough signatures on the Petition that is circulating to put a measure on the ballot to address this issue in April, 2018, it will then facilitate that public discussion over the next 7 months. There will be numerous opportunities to get accurate information about this issue and to come to an informed decision for the April, 2018 vote.

Art Lange is the communications lead for the Coalition for Orcas Health Care (COHC).

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Who Is the Coalition for Orcas Healthcare? — 2 Comments

  1. Please add Pegi Groundwater to the list of members of the Coalition for Orcas Healthcare. It was an oversight to have not included Pegi and she has been a valuable contributing member of the group. My apologies for not including her in the initial list.
    Art lange

  2. gosh
    looks like you have enough votes already!
    too bad that in a democracy you only get one each
    but if you can exclude/shame/disenfranchise people that disagrees with you you’ll have a better chance!
    which is why transparency is just so very important.
    and why a track record of wise [ethical] governance is invaluable.
    but you all already know that!