Community Band Will Once Again Fill Orcas Center With Holiday Music An Orcas Island favorite tradition

Sunday, December 17, 3 p.m., Orcas Center

— from Timothy Jenson —

This December 17 at 3 p.m, the Orcas Island Community Band, conducted by Jim Shaffer-Bauck and Karen Key Speck, will once again be performing their annual Christmas Concert at the Orcas Center. All members of the community are invited to this festive performance of music and fun.

The Orcas Island Community Band will be performing a wide variety of music, including a powerful German requiem titled “Blessed Are They” and a jaunty 1919 Edgar Croft tune dubbed “The Airline March.” Finally, as always, the band will finish the concert with sing-along Christmas carols.

“Music is an excuse for people to get together and to play and listen to music”, said Bruce Parker, a longtime band member. Ever since listening to a concert in 1995, Parker has played clarinet and saxophone in the Community Band. “Music is an international language, and the best way to bring people tighter is to bring music to the community.” When asked what is his favorite song he will be performing, Parker said, “I do like all of the pieces, but my two favorites are ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Saints’ because they are classics.”

The Christmas Concert is dedicated to unite our community in our national climate of division and strife. Although admission is free, the Community Band appreciates any donations, small or large.

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