Community Journalism

Orcas Issues: News & Views welcomes your participation in our advance in Community Journalism — we invite you to contribute directly to this online news service!

Orcas Issues is based on two principles:

  • Involving the community in transmitting information for the common good
  • Adhering to the standards of American journalism: objectivity, accuracy, independence, and the identification of opinions as such

Since it began seven years since it began, Orcas Issues has grown, thanks in great part to those of you who have contributed ideas, articles, and opinions that promote the common good of civil discussion and widespread information among our community.

We now want to make it easier – and more responsible – to contribute to this news service.

Here’s how you can become an active part of the local news:

  • Click on the sign-up link and then fill out and send the registration form.
  • After we confirm your identity, we will email you everything you need to know to start posting news items.
  • Your story will be reviewed within 24 hours by Orcas Issues Editors and  then published on the site.

Any questions? Just email

Sign Up!

And send in your stories!

Journalism Bootcamp!

To see how simple the basics of journalism are, click here.

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