Deer Harbor Plan Review Committee sets agenda for upcoming meeting

Wednesday, June 12, 4 – 5:30 p.m., Deer Harbor Fire Station

— from Sheila Gaquin —

The Deer Harbor Planning Review Committee (DHPRC) will meet on Wednesday, June 12, 4 – 5:30 p.m. at the Deer Harbor Fire Station.

Chair: Call to Order, establish a quorum, approval of the minutes from March 13 and May 8, 2019. (there was no meeting in April due to lack of a quorum and March minutes were not approved at the May meeting.)

Chair: Recognize public attendees. Members of the public are invited to participate in committee discussions. Chair will recognize speakers.

Old Business/Committee Updates

  1. Update, if any, on the Wyndham Pier
  2. Letter to the County Regarding Vacation Rental Permits—AnneMarie
  3. Update on securing the hitchhiker bench permanently–Wes
  4. Upper Deer Harbor Road progress, SEPA and permit progress.
  5. Response from county regarding our inquiry about upland usage for the float additions to the Deer Harbor Marina—Kevin
  6. Questionnaire for pedestrians using the pathways—AnneMarie & Sheila
  7. Vote on officers for next year: Kevin White, Chair; Mike Douglas, vice-chair; Sheila Gaquin, Secretary.

New Business

  1. Application for Lodging Tax Grants, deadline Aug 8—AnneMarie & Sheila
  2. May 18, 5 cars parked on the pathway between the Land Bank preserve and DH Marina—ideas for summer??
  3. Form a subcommittee to study pathway plan from Deer Harbor to Westsound–Wes
  4. Sign for the hitchhiker bench–Sheila

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