Dental Van Returns to Orcas

The Mobile Dental Clinic from Medical Teams International will be returning to Orcas on May 31st and June 1st. The Clinic will provide care to qualifying community members. Services provided during the clinic will be free of charge, thanks to the donation of skills and resources by our local dentists and hygienists.

Applications are available on line at , or can be picked up at the Food Bank, the Public Library, Orcas Family Connections or the County Health office at the Senior Center. Applications will be reviewed and prioritized based on severity of dental needs and pain. Completed applications can be dropped off in the Dental Box outside the Public Library. If you have questions regarding the application or available services, please contact Barbara Ehrmantraut, 376-3395.

The dental clinic is funded and coordinated through the Orcas Island Community Foundation. Both Dr. Ivans and Dr. Bailey and staff members are volunteering to provide care. Jim Biddick is coordinating volunteers to provide check-in support and can be reached at 376-2488. The Orcas Community Church is hosting the van and housing for the van drivers has been contributed by the Gudgell family. Breakfast snacks and lunch for the volunteers are needed on both days; if you are interested in contributing, please contact the Orcas Island Community Foundation, 376-6423. Working together, we keep the community healthy.

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