Doe Bay Resort Offers Mindful Relationships Workshop “Nourishing Our Relationships With a Mindful Heart"

Saturday, September 24, 2:30 – 4:30 p.m., Doe Bay Yoga Studio

— from Teresa Johnson —

A free, 2 hour workshop will be offered at Doe Bay Resort and Retreat 107 Doe Bay Rd, Saturday, September 24 , 2:30-4:30, in the Yoga Studio.

The workshop offers an opportunity to explore how to cultivate a better relationship with oneself and others through individual reflection, writing, small group discussion, and practices of creative visualization/meditation to facilitate inner awareness and transformation.

Some of the points we’ll discuss:

    • What mindfulness is
    • What the researchers say about mindfulness and relationships
    • How the presence or absence of mindful awareness impacts relationships
    • How to open to and integrate joy as a nutrient into our relationships
    • Keys to mindful communication- identifying and releasing obstacles
    • Principles as relationship guideposts

Presenters Teresa and Richard Johnson are recent transplants to Seattle. Richard is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction facilitator currently employed by Mindfulness Northwest, and Teresa recently completed course work with Mindful Schools. Both have extensive training and experience as relationship education facilitators in Indiana and years long meditation practices. They look forward to combining what they’ve learned in their own lives about applying mindfulness in practical ways to all relationships with current brain research on mindfulness and relationships.

The mission of Mindfulness Matters is to promote wholeness and well-being through heart/mind/body education. We offer classes and workshops which teach mindfulness practices to increase awareness and skillful response to life’s challenges and opportunities.

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