DOT still looking for your input about Anacortes ferry terminal site innovations

— from Washington State Ferries —

The Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) is partnering with the Port and City of Anacortes to explore innovative public-private partnerships to enhance the 35-acre ferry terminal site. This could include commercial opportunities such as retail stores, lodging, and food options. WSDOT would like to hear from Anacortes and San Juan Islands residents, tribes, and ferry passengers to ensure these opportunities meet your priorities.

Please take a moment to fill out a brief online survey to share your ideas about potential opportunities for the ferry terminal property. To take the survey, visit The survey will only be available for a few weeks. You can learn more about the project at

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norris carlson

The idea of allowing commercialization of the acreage around the ferry terminal strikes me as a very real threat to the natural shoreline/imperiled ecosystem. Further, the development of commercial enterprise at the terminal (think strip malls with franchised conveniences, waste, and parking lot runoff, traffic, etc) would be particularly desirable to the suburbanized housing developments that have overcrowded the shorelands around the terminal. It strikes me as the final suburban ‘nail in the coffin’ to that area. This would benefit the people living in those developments way more than the passengers on the ferry. The ferry terminal, if it needs… Read more »

B. Sadie Bailey

Agree with Norris Carlson. This idea is also geared for tourists; but who will it actually draw, and what kind of message would this ugly casino-like atmosphere of shopping and entertainment give them about our gateway? In no way is any of this of any benefit to locals who use the ferries as actual transportation to do necessary things like commute to jobs, go to medical appointments, fix vehicles, and the like; yet our ferries continue to be cut while all this talk of grandeur prattles on. WSF continues to make bad decisions, such as retiring boats like the Hyak… Read more »

Clyde Teague

How about an amusement park so we would have something to do while waiting for late ferries?
WSOT management should focus on improving ferry service not real estate development.

Peg Manning

Dear DOT: BUILD MORE BETTER FERRIES to replace our handicapped fleet. Leave the “private-public partnerships” out of it. What we need is reliable ferry service, not diversions to distract us from not being able to get a ferry when we need it.

Peg Manning

CASINOS? Are they crazy? Isn’t getting a ferry when you need it enough of a crapshoot as it is? What is with this mission-creep everywhere in government. Focus on your core mission. When the ferries are operating reliably and fares are affordable, perhaps then you can think about “amenities.” Transportation hubs should have restrooms, seating, and a food concession or vending machines.