Dr. Camille Fleming Joins Orcas Family Health New to OFHC; not new to Orcas

— from Aaimee Johnson for Orcas Family Health —

Dr David Shinstrom and Orcas Family Health Center are pleased to announce that Dr Camille Fleming will be seeing patients on a temporary basis starting January 12, 2018 for clinic coverage.

Dr Fleming and her family live on Orcas Island where she has practiced family medicine and women’s health since 2013.

Please call 360-376-7778 to make an appointment.

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Dr. Camille Fleming Joins Orcas Family Health New to OFHC; not new to Orcas — 19 Comments

  1. Wow!

    This is perhaps one of the best announcements to come for Orcas Island Health Care in the past couple of years. A great, community minded practitioner joining a great, community minded organization! Here’s hoping that OFHC can viably keep Camille here on Orcas long term.

    Way to go OFHC

  2. THE best news. Congratulations to our community on the long overdue return of Dr. Fleming to medical practice here on the island (and an overdue thank you to her for providing our Orcas Island athletes with their annual physicals)!

  3. This is SUCH good news!!! Welcome back, Camille! My whole family will be joining OFHC for your care. We’ve missed you!

  4. Cheers from my daughters and I for sure!!!! We are SO glad she is back to practicing on island. But the giant question OFH is going to have to answer a million times in the next few days is “explain ‘Temporary”…

  5. So excited to have Camille here on island. Hoping this will turn into a permanent position.

  6. What great news! Let’s hope that she will like being back so much, that the temporary part will vanish!

  7. .
    ” …got her MBA in health care from Auburn University in 2012 when it became clear that understanding business in health care would be important…”

    I hope with all my heart that this means the professional staff that constitute all local healthcare can converge on a point where the business of healthcare mirrors the clinical need and shuts the door on past dysfunction eventually.. finally .. definitively,

    We have wasted so much time..

  8. Leif, thanks! You sorta evoked that emotional “I have a dream” vision of Dr. King’s! Good timing; we can all dream. And thanks for stepping up, however temporarily, Dr. Fleming. Looks as if you have a fan base here!

  9. Dr. Fleming is a gem. Even though I work and live in Anacortes now, I would happily ferry over to have her as my primary physician again.

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