Eastsound Planners Review Development Proposals

Thursday, Sept. 7 at 3 p.m. at the Eastsound Fire Hall

— by Margie Doyle —

At its regular monthly meeting tomorrow, the Eastsound Planning Review Committee will hear a County Council update from Council Chair Rick Hughes before discussing its main topics:

1. EPRC Ranking and Prioritizing of Work Group Recommendations (http://sanjuanco.com/DocumentCenter/View/12849 )
2. Comprehensive Plan Public Outreach Proposal (Paul Kamin/County staff  http://sanjuanco.com/DocumentCenter/View/12850)

3. Eastsound Waterfront View Easements update (Randy Gaylord – 15 minutes)
4. Lodging Tax Grant update (Paul Kamin – 5 min)
5. Propane Tank decision update (Jeff Otis – 5 min, http://sanjuanco.com/DocumentCenter/View/12856)

The County Advisory Board will also review various development proposals:

1. Buildg-17-0203 Port of Orcas Bathrooms: http://sanjuanco.com/DocumentCenter/View/12851
2. Buildg-17-0195 Dalgarno Storage Units: http://sanjuanco.com/DocumentCenter/View/12853
3. PSP000-17-0002 Rose St. Short Subdivision: http://sanjuanco.com/DocumentCenter/View/12858
4. Buildg-17-0212 Pearson Office Expansion: http://sanjuanco.com/DocumentCenter/View/12852

There will be two Public Access/Comment sessions, one at the beginning of the meeting, and one following discussions and review.

EPRC Chair Jeff Otis said that he hopes the meeting may finish its agenda by 5 p.m. as many people in attendance will want to also attend the UW Medicine Orcas Clinic meeting, which starts at 5 p.m. at Orcas Center.

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Eastsound Planners Review Development Proposals — 1 Comment

  1. This is part of the continuing discussion about the potential of increased wind tunnels in Eastsound. In a previous article I spelled out the harm of “April’s Grove” being decimated of trees, and the windy repercussions. I have learned that Victory Hill in Eastsound is also slated for destruction and development. I can find it very unfortunate that the only other stand of windbreaking mature fir trees, directly adjacent to April’s Grove, are scheduled to be thinned as well.
    I am asking, right here, the San Juan County Council to do a preliminary study of the anticipated wind tunnel, and it’s impact on Eastsound that removing these two stands of trees will create. Anyone who lives here in the wintertime witnesses the wind funneling through Eastsound. I would like to see a considered study done on what will happen if both these stands of trees are removed. I ask the county council to not approve permits in these areas until it is determined: What will the effect of these developments be on Eastsound? What is the greater good?
    I am also asking you all to use your own minds, and to look toward the public good. We have to be intelligent about Urban Growth. Taking all restrictions off of building in Eastsound, now not even needing an environmental impact statement to build, is not good management.
    Consider it! Once those trees come down, there is no putting them back up. My gauge is that I would like to see both April’s Grove and Victory Hill bought up and preserved by the Land Bank, or the San Juan Preservation Trust!!
    Isn’t it time we took care of this place? Let’s buy both these areas and preserve them!!