Ferries’ “Best Travel Times” Data Available

From David Moseley, Washington State Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary , Ferries Division (WSF)

This week WSF  added “best travel times” data to the website for the summer schedule. WSF  launched this tool in April for the spring schedule. This color-coded tool pinpoints the least and most congested sailing times for drive-on passengers. The color-coded schedules are available on the right side of each route schedule page beneath a tab titled “Best Travel Times.”

For the spring schedule (until June 19), click here to see the best travel  times wsdot.wa.gov/ferries/traffic_stats/congestion/spring/.pdf

For the summer schedule (beginning June 19), click here to see the best travel times:

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Ferries’ “Best Travel Times” Data Available — 3 Comments

  1. One has only to look at the summer schedule to vividly see that we are clearly underserved by the ferry system. It is clear that they have analyzed expected ridership and yet made a conscious decision to provide a level of service that does not meet the expected demands.

  2. Am I reading their summer “best times” wrong? It doesn’t seem to match the ferry scheduled sailings in the printed schedule.

  3. Are you sure that you’re looking at the right schedule? Spring changes to summer schedule on June 19.