First stretch of Orcas Road is now chipsealed

— from Shannon Wilbur for San Juan County Public Works —

With more than half a mile of the new Orcas Road now chip sealed, we are getting a number of questions about the site:

Q: Why is the chip seal section so wide?
A: The 11 ft wide travel lanes are the same width as the old road travel lanes. However, a 4 ft shoulder is now included on each side of the road.

Q: Why is there more gravel out past the chip seal?
A: Toward the end of this project, topsoil will be placed on that gravel and seeded to form stormwater treatment areas.

Q: Why is the speed limit still 25 mph since it is paved now?
A: The speed limit needs to remain low to allow the chip seal to cure completely. In addition, there are safety features still to be added, such as guardrail and striping.

Weekend Update: Two lanes of traffic will be open. No delays. Detour at McNallie will remain.

Please drive carefully and slowly. Speed limit in the entire work zone continues to be 25 mph.

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Perri Gibbons

Good to know. Thanks Shannon