Genealogy Club continues to add branches to islanders’ family trees

Tuesday, June 18, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Orcas Library

— from Kathi Ciskowski —

The Orcas Island Genealogy Club will meet for the regular meeting on Tuesday, June 18, the third Tuesday of the month, from 10:30-12:30 in the Community Room of the Orcas Island Library. 

“Let’s Work…Many Hands Lighten the Load”

Instead of a presentation at this meeting we will get together and research.  Bring a name or two and some facts about an ancestor or family you want to learn more about but have found some roadblocks along the way. Fresh eyes may help break a “brick wall”. To get the most out of this meeting a bit of pre-preparation is highly advised in terms of gathering basic information on your subject.

The Orcas Island Genealogy Club is free and open to anyone who is interested in exploring family genealogy–whether you have years of experience or are just wanting to begin now, you are welcome to join.  Bring a computer or other device that can connect to the internet and find out how to connect to the library version of 

For more information about the club call Rebecca Johnson (360-298-6007), Vicki Leimback (206-714-3348), Kathi Ciskowski (360-376-4186).

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