Helping Hands Noramise Reports to Orcas

By Ben Sheppard

Rosedanie Cadet recently returned from Haiti, where she has founded and continues relief operations through the organization Helping Hands Noramise.  On Thursday evening June 2nd, she gave an informative update during the Noramise Organization’s second annual Report to the Community. The meeting at Emmanuel Episcopal Parish Hall was attended by contributing members, friends, and supporters.

Cadet and her team in Haiti have been focused on slowing down and reversing  the cholera outbreak. She talked about simple and cheap methods of water purification and how she empowered 10-year -olds who could read to take simple instruction posters into their neighborhood and teach others. Cadet shared that, because of a child’s ability to read, that alone could make a difference and save lives. Households learned how to purify their water using common household items immediately, all by themselves, without need for outside help or relief; and the children become the heroes of the day, finding new purpose for themselves, their families, and extended communities.

Rosedanie spoke of plans for the upcoming year, starting with a trip to Limbé  in July to provide a three-week boot camp for computer skillsand English as a second language (ESL). Her team plans to jumpstart an internet cafe initiative as well as to provide some key skills to the core “Limbé Committee.”

Other plans for the upcoming year will focus on aquaculture, permaculture, cholera outreach and sanitation, support of the small (Bethesda) school and continued work on a waste processing plant envisioned to provide local business support as well as improving living conditions.

For more information about the Noramise program, history and past events visit the website at .


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  1. I look forward to checking the website and catching up on the wonderful passionate work you are doing. We look forward to being a part of your team in the near future.