Journalism Bootcamp

Some quick and easy (if you practice a lifetime) tips on writing for journalists.

  • Start with WHO the story’s about – by name
  • Then WHAT the person did or wants to do
  • WHEN did he/she/they do it
  • WHERE did he/she/they do it
  • WHY and HOW did they do it

Then branch out into stuff like their history, their favorite part of the story, their worst part of the story.

Take notice of the surroundings if it’s relevant to the story.

By Walt Bogdanich, NY Times assistant editor:

“The most important skills for a journalist”

Learn to listen;

Write simply and clearly;

Be fearless when asking questions;

Don’t take no for an answer;

Understand that people are not all good or all bad;

Be accurate;

Learn to use public records;

Challenge the conventional wisdom.

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