When Leprechauns Turn Impish…

Following the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Eastsound today, some jovial, fun-loving leprechaun shared his or her holiday spirit with a Sheriff’s Office vehicle parked at Island Market.

No reward has been issued. Suspect(s) unknown. Just hope the Deputy didn’t need to rush off to a life-threatening emergency. It takes a couple of (potentially life-saving) minutes to remove these vision impairment balloons and stickers.

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When Leprechauns Turn Impish… — 1 Comment

  1. FYI, this was not a random prank, and the Deputy thought it was hilarious. I’d hazard a guess that the ballon bedecking was done by the Deputy’s family members, several of whom are firefighters. Any number of nearby people could have removed the “vision impairment” in a few seconds with EMT shears or pocket knives.