Letter to the Editor: Help Needed for Orcas Neighbor Kurt Thorson Medical Fund set up at Islanders Bank

— from Kurt Thorson —

Kurt Thorson, renowned photographer, now seeking help for treatment of ALS

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In early 2016 I received a diagnosis of ALS. Subsequent tests revealed overlapping conditions that have together led to a loss of mobility and dexterity. Although conventional medicine has no cure for ALS, there are alternative therapies that are known to slow or reverse symptoms. None of these therapies are covered by insurance.

It is to help defray the cost of these therapies that an account has been set up at Islanders Bank for a medical fund. If you would like to donate to this fund, you may contribute in person or by mail to Islanders Bank, 475 Fern St, or PO Box 699, Eastsound, WA 98245. Please direct funds to the Kurt Thorson Medical Fund.

Thank you.


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Letter to the Editor: Help Needed for Orcas Neighbor Kurt Thorson Medical Fund set up at Islanders Bank — 11 Comments

  1. Remember when Kurt set up blinds in trees & waited….for those amazing eagle shots…blew them up Big? What a mind blowing art exhibit at Orcas Center he mounted, truly great work & a fine man. Please assist him now if you’re able

  2. Kurt… I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. My best friend and cousin Ellie was diagnosed in 2011. Sadly she passed away only a year ago this month. I’m well aware of the latest treatments. Also have close college friends in Texas who have siblings that have ALS and have created a foundation for clinical trials & support. Please pm / email me for more info. Julesbythesea@gmail.com. Also ALL of my fraternity brothers Phi Delta Theta ~ University of Missouri where I was a lil sister) are involved with Lou Gehrig ALS Foundation. I’ll share everything I have and know with you. Sending you much Aloha. Please don’t hesitate reaching out. Xo

  3. I have two amazing and wonderful framed photos of a blue heron in my bedroom. They were in my mother-in-law’s home, Goody Goodrich and then in our home, Joe and Elaine Goodrich and now in my home, Elaine Goodrich. They are amazing and reflect the amazing talent and connection Kurt has with his subjects. The Thorsons were Waldron, Joe amd the Goodrichs were Waldron. You could never find better people.

  4. I have seen 2 community fund raising efforts for locals with medical needs since moving to Orcas in 1998. There must have been other such needs and fund raisers that I don’t remember. I had just arrived and was stunned at the effort and amount raised for a volunteer fireman’s bone marrow transplant. I have never seen such efforts in any other communities I’ve lived in.

    I trust and wish this medical funding need for Kurt will be all if not more than is needed. I agree with Bob G in how I would feel being in a similar situation. I can not even imagine this.

  5. Besides being a compassionate and thoughtful man, Kurt is an amazing photographer. Island Market carries the cards he makes from his photographs. — check them out– $4.95 each. His artistic eye is totally unique– not your usual cliched photos of Orcas. Every small donation helps, not to mention the huge shot in the arm it is for someone to know his neighbors are rooting for him as he and his family face this incredible challenge.

  6. It’s said that kindness is the highest form of wisdom. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to put words into practice. May it be catching.

  7. Kurt, I am so sorry to hear about your illness. I just happened to check into the Waldron Exchange, looking for a ride to visit Nickie M., and glad to hear about the fund.

  8. Kurt, as an amateur photographer visiting from Denver, came across your website and enjoyed your fine photos. Am deeply saddened by your diagnosis but heartened by your obvious substantial group of supportive friends. Please accept my good wishes. – Don Fahrenbrink

  9. I would like to thank everyone who has responded with thoughtful words and consideration to Kurt’s medical challenge. It isn’t easy asking for help, however people in the community ask me every day: “How can I help?” Those four words planted the seed for Kurt’s medical account, while also expressing our interconnectedness. I am humbled by and grateful to each and every one of you for reaching out and demonstrating how capable we all are of caring for one another. As we adjust to the unexpected, your support is appreciated; thank you!