Letter to Editor | Thank You Anonymous Donor

— from Superintendent Eric Webb —

A special thank you goes out to the anonymous donor who supported our 6th grade class by providing this team building opportunity. The donor supplied the money for the sweatshirts, with the understanding that all students would be involved in the design process.

Students submitted ideas and voted on the chosen graphic. Students worked together to choose the color and sweatshirt style. Everyone got to put their name on the back. Wednesday, Mar. 8 sweatshirts were passed out and our students are wearing them with pride.

Thank you for making a difference.

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Letter to Editor | Thank You Anonymous Donor — 3 Comments

  1. Well alright! This is what LOCAL philanthropy looks like…admirable isn’t it?

  2. I repeat what Madie and Steve said. Our schools are enriched many times over by the generosity of donors like this one. Thank you to all who give to help all our schools be the best they can be, so our children have the brightest future possible.