Letter to Editor | Senior Center thanks island donors

— from Orcas Senior Center —

Board members and staff of Orcas Senior Center (OSC) nonprofit would like to thank our community and the Orcas Island Community Foundation for helping us raise $9,500 to support professional foot care services for seniors and people with disabilities.

Elders often need professional foot care services, especially if they have balance, mobility, or vision issues. Many are unable to afford foot care services and also may be homebound.

Your contributions will allow OSC to provide 90 free or reduced cost foot care appointments for people who cannot afford them. Additionally, your donations will provide instruments and equipment needed to serve elders at the Senior Center or in their homes if necessary.

To inquire about affordable foot care services, seniors or their caregivers should call OSC at 360.376.2766 for an appointment.  

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The Orcas Senior Center lacks a clear policy and enforcement regarding the behavior of staff and officers towards volunteers and members of this public non-profit. Funding by the Community Foundation and others may be taken as knowing participation in these acts of malfeasance. They are no secret.