Lovel Pratt Announces Candidacy for San Juan County Council

Lovel Pratt, candidate for San Juan County Council

From the Committee to Elect Lovel Pratt

Lovel Pratt is filing as a District 1 candidate in the San Juan County Council countywide election.  A San Juan Islander for 21 years with past work and volunteer experience in the areas of farming, education, and affordable housing, Pratt cares deeply about these islands.  She served for ten years on the Planning Commission (including two years as Chair), and one term on the existing County Council, including serving as Council Chair in 2011.  Pratt has provided a consistent presence for San Juan County in the State Capital, serving on the Legislative Steering Committee of the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC), and representing WSAC on three statewide committees related to oil spills and vessel traffic risk assessment.

This experience and expertise is crucial for the current issues facing islanders.  Ferry transportation, the increased risk of a major oil spill, and funding needs for projects such as major road construction, are all issues that require effective advocacy at the regional, state and national levels.  Pratt is able to build upon the affiliations and relationships she has established these past four years and she is committed to representing San Juan County and facilitating regular Council communications with the decision-makers, the Legislature and our Congressional delegation.  San Juan County needs strong and proven leadership to address our priorities that require regional, statewide, and federal efforts.

Having raised children on the island, Pratt recognizes that a strong local economy is key to our community’s sustainability and continued quality of life.  She will continue to support and advocate for the infrastructure needed for year-round, family-wage jobs, such as the wireless ordinance.  She will continue to support innovative, locally-based solutions that retain local jobs, such as the Lopez Solid Waste District’s and Orcas Recycling Services’ solid waste and recycling services.

Pratt also recognizes that San Juan County’s economy is inextricably connected to the beauty of its environment and the health of its ecosystems.  She provided the leadership on the County Council to ensure that an Environmental Impact Statement scoping meeting for the proposed Cherry Point coal terminal was held here in San Juan County and has drafted the comment letters submitted by the Council.  Pratt is monitoring closely the process of the proposed coal terminal, and is committed to protecting our waters from the increased risks of major oil spills.

It will be up to the County Council elected in April to finalize the voter-approved changes to the Charter.  Pratt supported and advocated for the Charter propositions and looks forward to following through on the voters’ intent.  She will ensure an effective implementation of the amendments to our Home Rule Charter.  Pratt is committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere for community participation in the Council’s decision making process.

San Juan County needs leaders who have solid experience and expertise; leaders who are dedicated, accessible, responsive, and decisive.  This is what Lovel Pratt will bring to the new Council.  “I am running with the urging and enthusiastic support of islanders throughout the county, and I am honored by their confidence and trust. I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the Council for all islanders,” said Lovel Pratt.  She is eager for a fact-based and civil campaign and looks forward to visiting and hearing from all islanders during her countywide campaign.

Committee to Elect Lovel Pratt:
Tom Cowan, Co-Chair
Liz Illg, Co-Chair
Jonathan White, Co-Chair
Stephen Adams
Julie Brunner
Carolyn Haugen
Shaun Hubbard
Barry Jacobson
Robin Jacobson
Kevin Ranker
Sally Reeve
Tom Reeve

For more information:
Campaign committee Co-Chair Liz Illg can be reached at
Lovel Pratt can be reached at
A campaign website is under development:

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