Orcas Center Bids Farewell to “Sparks”

— from the Orcas Center Board of Trustees —

As the Orcas Center’s reorganization continues, the Orcas Center Board of Trustees and Executive Director, Brian Kemp, have approved the request of Theater Production Manager, Deborah Sparks, to eliminate the position which she had held for more than 16 years, effective June 30.  The Board, staff, Orcas Center members, and friends salute Sparks for her countless contributions to the artistic life of the Orcas Island community. Her knowledge of all things Orcas Center, her creativity, and her personal performing skills will be missed.

“We hate to see Sparks depart the Center’s day-to-day life, but we honor her service and wish her all the best. We hope she will continue to bring her exceptional creative talents to the Center from time to time through her unique productions,” said Board President, Tom Fiscus. The Board looks forward to the public joining it at an event to honor Sparks’ service to the Center and the community at a date to be announced.

To improve its efficiency and effectiveness, the Board decided last fall to reorganize Orcas Center’s staff structure by combining three positions (Executive Artistic Director, Development Manager and Theater Production Manager) into two full time positions (Executive Director and Artistic Director).  In March 2017, the Board completed the first phase of the reorganization when it hired Brian Kemp as Executive Director. The Artistic Director position requirements are in the process of being finalized. The Board will announce the position application process at a future date.

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Orcas Center Bids Farewell to “Sparks” — 3 Comments

  1. What a treasure Sparks has been for the Orcas Center!
    She gave her heart and soul, blood sweat and tears.
    I don’t think you’ll find a person more dedicated to the Orcas center then Sparks.
    it sounds like her position as theater productions manager was eliminated by the board last fall. I’m confused as to how this was by Sparks’s request.
    Perhaps there’s more to the story.

  2. Sparks, may your retirement open new doors and opportunities for your creativity to continue flourishing & nourishing our island community.
    And I, too, sense there is more to this reorganization than we, as a community, are privy too. As a member of Orcas Center, and longtime island resident, I want to see our community performing arts center being accessed by the community it was built for and those who support it.

  3. I want to lend my voice to Christopher’s and Gretchen’s in praise of Sparks and her contribution to enriching Orcas Center. Her energy, vision, and creativity benefited all who were its recipients. She indeed was a “Spark”. I wish you well, Sparks, in whatever endeavors are coming up next for you.