Panel Will Discuss Living and Dying Well on Orcas

Saturday, March 18, 2 p.m., Odd Fellows Hall

— from Didier Gincig —

Molly Roberts, Suzi Rose, Meika Neenan, and Dorian King (Hospice NW) will serve on a panel discussion about options and consequences of choices regarding where and how individuals live their remaining days on or off the island.

Panel participants have helped countless people transition and will be able to offer an overview of how support and hospice works on the island. Free; donations are welcome.

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Panel Will Discuss Living and Dying Well on Orcas — 4 Comments

  1. You have the Fire Hall. You have the Senior Center. Why are you holding such an important presentation in a location that is difficult for many seniors to navigate? I am very disappointed.

  2. I am a Home Health/ Hospice nurse with twentyfive years experience and advanced training. I have lived here for five years and been talking to some of my colleagues, listed above, for over a decade. No attempt has ever been made to include me in any relevant activity.

    Maybe your panel would like to answer that question?

    Leif RN BSN MHA

  3. Wow, no good deed shall go unpunished. We do the best we can. The Odd Fellows Hall is wheel-chair accessible. Sorry, Leif, I couldn’t include everyone in the panel. We have been planning this for months and have included four people who have decades of experience and knowledge. Doing the best we can!

  4. re: Leif, I know it seems like we are so small and connected that everyone should know who’s out here and what kind of experience we each have — and that we should be on peoples’ radar when events like this come up. Alas, not true! I hope you’re coming today. I know I will be there.