Be Part of Leadership San Juan Island Class XIV

— from Gretchen Krampf —

Leadership San Juan Islands (LSJI) continues recruiting for Class XIV, with applications due by Monday, November 27 at 5 p.m.

Since 2004, LSJI has contributed to the vitality of San Juan County by helping community members become better leaders and citizens. Sessions help participants develop facilitative leadership skills and an improved understanding of how local organizations, both public and private, work together in the islands.

Our five-month program includes 11 Program Days, including Orientation, Skills-building Retreats, Challenge Days, and Graduation and 1 Service Project Day when participants participate in a small group service project – determined on the focus of your group.

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to demonstrate a range of leadership skills and abilities such as inspiring others and applying a basic knowledge of meeting design, facilitation, conflict resolution, and group decision-making processes; exhibit the ability to work effectively with those different from themselves; develop critical, reflective, and systems thinking abilities; and navigate among the key organizations and individuals who, in working together, provide services in San Juan County. And college credits are available through Skagit Valley College.

Participants in Cohort XIV (2018) will be selected based on the following criteria: commitment to community involvement, evidence of interest in using leadership skills, and demonstrated involvement in the San Juan Islands.

Diversity is a core value of Leadership San Juan Islands, LSJI intends for the course to include participants with varying backgrounds, ages, employment, ethnicity, professions and geography. Tuition is $750, plus a $50 Application Fee. Payment plans and scholarships are available. Find an application at or contact 2018 Coordinator Vivette Bordas at (253) 653-5213.

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Be Part of Leadership San Juan Island Class XIV — 3 Comments

  1. Looking forward to launching a strong cohort in January 2018. If you are wanting to grow your capacity to make an impact and lead with authenticity and purpose, LSJI is for you.

    Scholarships are available. Please apply!

  2. The definition of Bigotry is when you exclude someone who is qualified, can’t justify your decision and attack the individual’s person instead.

    “Diversity” ..

    Nice word.
    Earn it.

  3. Hi Leif
    I don’t understand your post. Please let me know if there is a specific concern.