Ranker: Levy Extension Prevents Schools From Largest Education Cut in State History

— from Dave Pringle, Senate Democratic Communications —

Sen. Ranker speaks during debate on the Senate floor.

Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, released the following statement on [Wednesday’s] passage of the levy cliff extension:

“I am relieved that the Senate took action to prevent our children’s schools from an immediate loss of nearly $400 million in short term funding by passing a bill that would extend the so-called levy cliff — the expiration of school levies that would result in slashed budgets in districts across the state. This has taken a massive amount of work — and it is worth it!
“With passage of this bill, teachers and administrators can do what they do best — educate our children.

And now, the Legislature can get back to working on long-term education funding solutions.
“As the lead Senate Democrat on the budget, I will negotiate a budget to fully and fairly fund our children’s schools across the state. I am hopeful we can now come together to develop a solution that benefits all of Washington’s 1.1 million public school children into the future.“

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Ranker: Levy Extension Prevents Schools From Largest Education Cut in State History — 3 Comments

  1. Kevin,

    It is great that you were able to work WITH the Republicans to make this happen. Our government should be one of compromise to find ways to move the State (and the Federal) governments forward. Party politics seems senseless. Just blocking things like the Republicans and the Democrates have done in the past is not the best way forward in my view.

  2. If you see Kevin on island — thank him. This is a HUGE relief for our public schools.

  3. I strongly support Sen. Ranker’s efforts on behalf our children (and grandchildren).
    As the question of fully funded educational programs in WA State has been discussed and debated in Olympia since 1974 when Judge Tanner ruled that “all students of the State shall have an equal opportunity to fully funded basic education”, it is well past time that that question is finally resolved.
    I encourage Kevin to follow through and complete the necessary legislation to satisfy the Supreme Court directive in the McCleary ruling.