Sheriff’s Report | August 2 – 8, 2017

— from San Juan County Sheriff’s Office —

August 2, 2017
17-005034 Theft 08:06:08 08/02/17
A deputy investigated a report of theft of services. Unknown person/s placed garbage in a business dumpster in Friday Harbor. Investigation continues.

17-005044 Juvenile Problem 12:27:52 08/02/17
A deputy was contacted by a concerned parent from Anacortes to report his son was missing. Investigation continues.

17-005045 Unwanted Person 13:42:29 08/02/17
Deputies responded to an out of control 18 year old man with a knife in the Eastsound area. Upon further investigation, the subject was taken into protective custody for a mental health evaluation.

17-005048 Citizen Assist 16:09:27 08/02/17
An Orcas citizen contacted a deputy regarding the concern of an elderly man. A report was taken.

17-005057 Accident-HitRun 19:32:10 08/02/17
Lopez Island deputies were sent to investigate a two vehicle hit and run crash on Fisherman Bay Rd. The investigation continues.

17-005064 Unwanted Person 22:38:09 08/02/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of an unwanted person. The person left prior to the Deputy’s arrival. The report is for information only.

August 3, 2017
17-005067 Area Check 01:23:32 08/03/17
An Orcas Island deputy cited a vessel moored at the Eastsound county dock overnight.

17-005069 Domestic Dispute or Assault 02:22:23 08/03/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a domestic. The Deputy contacted both people involved and determined that an assault did not take place. This report is for information only.

17-005089 Sick or Injured Animal 15:48:14 08/03/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched for a dog in a vehicle. The temperature was found not to be dangerous to the point of making entry, and the owners returned and released the dog.

17-005091 Mental Health 16:26:51 08/03/17
Deputies assisted mental health with a suicidal subject. The subject was admitted to Peace Health Hospital

17-005099 Area Check 21:53:35 08/03/17
An Orcas Island deputy cited a vessel that was illegally moored at the West Sound county dock.

August 4, 2017
17-005107 Wanted Person 08:53:56 08/04/17
Two wanted persons walked into the Orcas Sheriff’s office to pay their bail amounts. Both were given new court dates and released.

17-005114 Malicious Mischief 11:40:24 08/04/17
A Deputy responded to a Vandalism call in Eastsound at the Orcas Senior Center. Photographs and a report were taken. No suspects at this time.

17-005117 Burglary – Residential 13:45:22 08/04/17
A deputy investigated a burglary on San Juan Island. Investigation continues.

17-005118 Domestic Dispute or Assault 13:54:12 08/04/17
A Lopez deputy was contacted to investigate a domestic disturbance which occurred several days earlier. Investigation continues.

17-005119 Accident-HitRun 14:03:40 08/04/17
A Friday Harbor resident called to report a hit & run that had occurred on 07-02 in town. He did not notice until he was home. He has no suspects and there is no paint transfer or evidence on his car. The report was requested by the insurance company.

17-005120 Animal Bite 15:14:01 08/04/17
A Deputy responded to a report of a dog bite in Eastsound. The complainant did not wish for criminal charges to be filed, but wished to document the report. The dog owner was contacted and educated about the Public Nuisance Dog county ordinance punishable as a misdemeanor crime.

17-005121 Animal at Large 15:46:35 08/04/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched to pick up a dog at large in Lopez village.

17-005122 Wanted Person 16:29:51 08/04/17
A wanted Friday Harbor resident turned himself in and then posted bail and was released with a new court date.

17-005128 Found Property 17:31:53 08/04/17
An Orcas Deputy responded to a found property call on the beach at the end of Buckhorn Rd. The deputy gathered the information and completed a report.

17-005130 DUI 18:14:31 08/04/17
There was a report of mopeds being knocked over by a parking motorcycle in Friday Harbor. By the time deputies arrived the owners had exchanged information and resolved the issue.

17-005131 Boating Problem 19:28:44 08/04/17
Orcas deputies responded by patrol boat to San Juan Channel regarding a small vessel that was overloaded with many intoxicated persons on board.

17-005139 Citizen Assist 22:16:27 08/04/17
A Lopez Island Deputy responded to a citizen dispute on Shark Reef Road. One motorist became confrontational with another while driving. The involved persons had separated prior to the Deputy’s arrival. The Deputy spoke with both involved drivers and neither wanted to file a formal complaint.

August 5, 2017
17-005144 Area Check 00:14:19 08/05/17
An Orcas Island deputy cited a vessel that was illegally moored at the West Sound county dock.

17-005151 Abandoned Vehicle 08:46:30 08/05/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched for an abandoned vehicle. The vehicle was found to have been moved without the owner’s permission, and a report was taken.

17-005170 Citizen Dispute 21:33:51 08/05/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a dispute. The Deputy contacted the people involved and resolved the matter.

17-005172 Traffic Stop 23:00:33 08/05/17
A Deputy in Eastsound recognized a female resident riding as a passenger in a vehicle who had two warrants for her arrest. A traffic stop was conducted and the warrant was confirmed. The female resident was arrested and transported to jail in Friday Harbor.

August 6, 2017
17-005178 Death Investigation 07:30:44 08/06/17
An Orcas deputy responded to a report of a death in the Olga area. An investigation and report was written. It was suspected the subject died from natural causes.

17-005179 Welfare Check 10:26:20 08/06/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a welfare check on a child. The Deputy checked on the child and determined that the child was fine. This report is for information only.

17-005180 Trespassing 13:03:51 08/06/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a Burglary. The victim reported a playing card stolen from the residence that had been recovered in the area. There are no suspects at this time.

17-005189 Probation/Parole Violation 18:07:49 08/06/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a probation violation. The Deputy observed the violation and the report was sent to the probation department.

17-005190 Theft 18:53:38 08/06/17
A Lopez Island deputy was called to investigate a crab poaching incident in Mud Bay. Three men were observed by witnesses pulling crab pots that did not belong to them. The suspects were contacted and crabs seized. The matter will be referred to the Prosecuting Attorney.

August 7, 2017
17-005200 Accident-HitRun 06:29:00 08/07/17
A Deputy took a report of a hit and run vehicle vs pedestrian in Eastsound. Further investigation revealed that no criminal action was made and the person who was struck required medical attention.

17-005205 Vehicle Theft 12:35:39 08/07/17
A Deputy received a report of a vehicle theft. A dump truck was stolen from a residence. This case is still under investigation.

17-005215 Theft 16:05:32 08/07/17
An Orcas Deputy responded to an Eastsound resident’s report of a Delayed Theft report. The deputy gathered the information for a report and a report was written.

17-005228 Domestic Dispute or Assault 20:57:50 08/07/17
Deputies were dispatched to a Domestic Assault in Friday Harbor. After further investigation the suspect was taken in custody for Assault 4th Degree/DV.

17-005231 Domestic Dispute or Assault 22:02:09 08/07/17
A deputy was dispatched to a Domestic in the Friday Harbor area. The reporting deputy arrived and contacted the involved parties. The argument was verbal only.

17-005242 Theft 11:35:49 08/08/17
A deputy was contacted by a citizen that reported having his crab pot taken from the south side of Pearl Island. Investigation in progress

August 8, 2017
17-005252 Animal at Large 15:15:37 08/08/17
A Lopez Island deputy picked up two dogs that were running at large on Aleck Bay Rd. The dogs’ owner claimed them at the kennel a couple of hours later. The owner was given a warning letter.

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