Sheriff’s Report | August 31 – September 6, 2016

August 31, 2016
16-006527 Welfare Check 01:45:18 08/31/16
A Deputy was dispatched to a Welfare Check in the Friday Harbor area. The subject was contacted and taken to Peace Island Hospital for treatment.

16-006530 Accident-Injury, Traffic 09:09:18 08/31/16

16-006536 Welfare Check 14:56:39 08/31/16
A 30 year old Salem, OR woman was arrested for violation of a domestic violence no contact order after being contacted by deputies on Lopez Island. She was subsequently released to EMS and airlifted to a hospital after a medical emergency developed. A report will be submitted to the prosecutor.

16-006538 Found Property 17:43:16 08/31/16
An Apple iPhone in Otterbox and Xtreme waterproof case found on beach by kayak
guide on Henry Island. It was determined that the phone was non-initialized. It
will be logged into evidence and given to the evidence custodian. WACIC and NCIC
were checked and it was determined the item has not been entered as stolen.

16-006539 Animal Bite 18:01:29 08/31/16
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of an animal bite. It was reported that a dog had bitten another dog. The Deputy talked with the owners of the dogs about the incident. This report is for information only.

September 1, 2016
16-006554 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 10:52:38 09/01/16
A Deputy responded to the Post Office parking lot in Friday Harbor reference a welfare check of two young boys. The boys were with a known subject who is mentally ill and volatile. A family member was contacted and the boys were placed with her. Parents could not be contacted. CPS was notified.

16-006560 Vehicle Prowl 14:12:12 09/01/16
Lopez deputies were dispatched to a reported vehicle prowl. Suspects were contacted, but probable cause did not exist for the crime of vehicle prowl at the time of contact. Investigation is ongoing.

16-006575 Trespassing 19:03:28 09/01/16
A Deputy was dispatched to serve a No-Trespassing letter to a subject in Friday Harbor. The subject was served. No further.

September 2, 2016
16-006597 Burglary – Residential 15:32:38 09/02/16
A Lopez deputy was dispatched for a reported residential burglary at a part-time residence. A resident had returned after several months to find his home ransacked and several items missing. Investigation continues.

16-006599 Animal at Large 16:08:30 09/02/16
A Deputy responded to Tree Farm Lane, Lopez Island, for loose cows on. The owner of the cows was identified and the owner was notified. A report was completed.

16-006607 Civil Problem 18:08:45 09/02/16
A Deputy was contacted by a citizen at the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office reference a violation of a parenting plan.

16-006609 Animal at Large 19:25:55 09/02/16
A Deputy responded to a Lopez Hill Road residence for a dog at large complaint. The reporting person was concerned for the safety of her sheep. The dog, which had a current dog license, was returned to its owner. The owner, a nearby neighbor, was given a warning and a report was completed.

September 3, 2016
16-006618 Criminal Homicide 01:01:55 09/03/16
A deputy responded to a Suspicious Circumstance in the San Juan Island Area. The reporting deputy arrived on scene and immediately requested additional units. Investigation continues.

16-006627 Animal Bite 12:52:09 09/03/16
A Lopez Island deputy was called to take a dog bite report after a 12 year old girl was bitten. No enforcement action was taken.

16-006637 Civil Problem 19:39:20 09/03/16
A Deputy addressed a court order conflict between parents regarding the custody of their juvenile children. The issue involved conflicting orders from judges out of Alaska and Washington State. The matter is under investigation and will await a final decision by the courts.

16-006642 Threats 23:23:37 09/03/16
A Lopez deputy was dispatched for a report of threatening statements made at a business. The subject was located later and arrested for being in physical control of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

September 4, 2016
16-006647 Welfare Check 00:39:01 09/04/16
Reporting deputy was dispatched to a Welfare Check in the Friday Harbor area. The subject was contacted by the reporting deputy. The subject had no safe place to stay. The subject was taken to the Sheriff’s Office until the subject could contact a friend to assist with a place to stay.

16-006656 Trouble Unknown 08:34:51 09/04/16
Deputies responded to an unknown trouble call in the Eastsound area. Deputies conducted an initial investigation and contacted all parties involved. A report was taken no further action is required at this time.

16-006661 Trespassing 11:28:59 09/04/16
A Lopez Island deputy spoke with a homeowner about an on going dispute with a neighbor. The man was seeking problem solving solutions, not looking to make a complaint. A number of suggestions were offered to the man.

16-006688 Domestic Dispute or Assault 23:21:34 09/04/16
Deputy responded to a Domestic Dispute at the Port Of Friday Harbor. Once the deputy arrived at the slip a male attempted to punch the deputy in the face and then after arrest attempted to push the officer in the ocean.

September 5, 2016
16-006697 Vehicle Prowl 09:53:18 09/05/16
Deputies responded to a vehicle prowl at a Deer Harbor business. When deputies arrived it was determined the owner of the vessel didn’t want anything done. All parties were contacted and a report will be completed.

16-006699 Parking Problem 10:26:24 09/05/16
A Tacoma man was cited for an unattended vehicle in the ferry queue as the 10:45 ferry was loading at Lopez Island. The vehicle was also sent to the end of the line.

16-006704 Animal at Large 13:05:32 09/05/16
A Lopez Island deputy was sent to check on a cow in the road on Center Rd near Hummel Lake. When the deputy arrived, the cow’s owner was on scene and was taking care of the problem. No further action was necessary.

16-006705 Parking Problem 14:34:20 09/05/16
A Mount Vernon woman was cited for leaving her vehicle unattended in the ferry queue while the 2:40 p.m. ferry was loading at Lopez Island. In addition to the citation, the vehicle was sent to the end of the line.

16-006708 Traffic Hazard 14:50:39 09/05/16
A Lopez Island deputy took a report of vandalism to a vehicle. Two tires were apparently slashed while the vehicle was left in an island parking lot for the Labor Day weekend.

16-006712 Unwanted Person 16:26:59 09/05/16
Lopez deputies were dispatched for a possible homeless encampment on private property. No evidence of an encampment was found.

16-006717 Animal Bite 18:46:54 09/05/16
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of an animal bite. The victim went to the hospital for treatment. The owner of the dog was contacted and talked to about the incident.

16-006720 Mental Health 22:35:19 09/05/16
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a suspicious circumstance. The Deputy determined that the person involved was having mental health issues.

September 6, 2016
16-006732 Found Property 14:10:20 09/06/16
Deputies were given found property by an Eastsound resident. The property was placed into safekeeping at the Orcas Station’s evidence locker.

16-006735 Arson 15:23:55 09/06/16
A SJC Sheriff Deputy Responded to an Eastsound Resident on a reported alarm. Further investigation revealed a fire alarm had activated after a door in the building caught on fire. The fire is believed to be an apparent arson. The case is being investigated.

16-006743 Found Property 22:08:14 09/06/16
A found wallet was turned into SJC Sheriff Deputies on Orcas Island. The wallet was secured and attempts have been made to contact the owner.

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