Sheriff’s Report | January 3 – 9, 2018

— from San Juan County Sheriff’s Office —

January 3, 2018
18-000071 Wanted Person 09:57:14 01/03/18
A Friday Harbor Deputy arrested a wanted male on an outstanding Felony warrant. The male was booked into jail and a report completed.

18-000072 Forgery 10:54:57 01/03/18
A deputy responded to a report of a Forgery at a restaurant in Friday Harbor. Upon arrival the Deputy was told that an unknown person passed a fake $100 bill on the evening of 1/2/18. There is no suspect information at this time. Report made.

18-000075 Wanted Person 12:47:28 01/03/18
A Friday Harbor Deputy arrested a wanted male on two outstanding Misdemeanor warrants. The male was booked into jail and a report was completed.

18-000076 Harassment 15:12:49 01/03/18
A citizen made contact with a deputy over a civil dispute in Friday Harbor.

18-000082 Burglary – Residential 20:03:40 01/03/18
A Deputy responded to a Lopez Island residence reference a possible burglary complaint. Although there was no obvious evidence of an entry to the residence, the home owner believed several items were missing from the home. A report was completed.

January 4, 2018
18-000086 Unwanted Person 02:29:52 01/04/18
A Deputy responded to a Lopez Island residence in the middle of the night on for an unwanted person complaint. The unwanted person was located and it was determined the person went on the reporting person’s property unintentionally. The reporting person declined pressing charges.

18-000087 Welfare Check 06:05:37 01/04/18
A Friday Harbor Deputy responded to a Welfare Check at the Station regarding an inmate. The inmate was given his needed medication and an information report was made.

January 5, 2018
18-000103 Noise Complaint /not dogs 08:16:16 01/05/18
Deputies arrived at a residence on San Juan Island to investigate a complaint of construction noise. The noise had stopped prior to the Deputy’s arrival. Investigation continues

18-000109 Accident-HitRun 11:11:37 01/05/18
A San Juan Island resident reported his vehicle was significantly damaged while it was parked at the north end of San Juan Island.

January 6, 2018
18-000136 Accident-Injury, Traffic 18:27:13 01/06/18
Deputies responded to a 2 car rear ender accident. The driver in the 2nd car looked down and when he looked up, the car in front had stopped. The rear driver struck the car, but hit a bumper hitch causing no damage to the car,but ruined his radiator. Drivers exchanged info and were released.

January 7, 2018
18-000148 Heart Problem 05:54:16 01/07/18
A Deputy responded to the jail in Friday Harbor in regards to an inmate complaining of chest pain. The Deputy secured the inmate per department policy and transported the male to the Peace Island Emergency Room for treatment.

18-000157 Runaway Juvenile 15:27:03 01/07/18
A parent reported a juvenile runaway to the Sheriff’s Office in Friday Harbor. The juvenile was entered into the system as a runaway.

January 8, 2018
18-000171 Animal at Large 05:30:34 01/08/18
A Lopez resident call to report a horse in the roadway in the area of
Center Rd and Cross Rd. A deputy searched the area but the horse was not found.

18-000177 Accident-HitRun 09:28:49 01/08/18
A Deputy responded to a report of a Hit & Run Accident in Friday Harbor. The deputy gathered the victim’s information and was advised that there Were no witnesses and no video to the incident. A collision report and police report were made.

18-000189 Death Investigation 14:18:47 01/08/18
Deputies were dispatched to a body discovered by family members. The scene was examined and processed and the body was transported to Evans Funeral home.

18-000200 Runaway Juvenile 20:21:14 01/08/18
A deputy was contacted at the Sheriff’s Office about a Runaway Juvenile. The juvenile was located and returned to family member.

January 9, 2018
18-000206 Burglary – Residential 06:24:01 01/09/18
Lopez Island deputies responded to a report of a burglary in progress when a neighbor observed a subject attempting to gain entry to a home. The property caretaker was found working to correct a problem that he had discovered. No crime had occurred.

18-000208 Controlled Substance Problem 09:49:12 01/09/18
A Friday Harbor Deputy responded to a walk-in report of possible found drugs. The deputy took custody of the possible drugs and conducted four different tests on the substance which turned up negative results for illegal drugs. The substance was tagged to be destroyed and a report was made.

18-000218 Burglary – Residential 13:26:21 01/09/18
An Orcas deputy responded to a report of a residential burglary in Eastsound. An investigation was completed and a report was taken.

18-000225 Domestic Dispute or Assault 17:54:50 01/09/18
A deputy was dispatched to the San Juan Island area in reference to a Domestic. Deputies arrived and contacted the involved persons. After interviewing the involved persons, the involved agreed to separate for the night.

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