Sheriff’s Report | January 31 – February 6, 2018

— from San Juan County Sheriff’s Office —

January 31, 2018
18-000692 Communications Problem 10:20:30 01/31/18
A Deputy responded to a report of Threatening Communications involving a Juvenile. Information was gathered, a report made, and the report was forwarded to Juvenile Services for investigation.

18-000702 Animal Bite 18:01:36 01/31/18
Deputies investigated a dog bite at Peace Health Hospital. A report was taken and forwarded to the San Juan County Health Department.

February 1, 2018
18-000711 Malicious Mischief 13:11:17 02/01/18
An Orcas Deputy was approached my the port master of Brandt’s Landing about Vandalism. Photographs and a report was taken. No suspects at this time.

February 2, 2018
18-000722 Malicious Mischief 08:17:43 02/02/18
A Deputy responded to a report of the Sheriff’s Office radar trailer being flipped onto its end on Mount Baker Road in Eastsound. The incident appears to intentional by unknown suspects. The trailer is being inspected for damage and an investigation continues.

18-000725 Death Investigation 10:08:13 02/02/18
A Deputy was dispatched to the Friday Harbor area in reference to an Unattended Death. The reporting Deputy arrived and investigated the incident. Report Taken.

18-000730 Citizen Assist 13:17:28 02/02/18
A Lopez Deputy was contacted regarding a possible unlawful eviction notice. A report was completed.

18-000731 Welfare Check 13:57:49 02/02/18
A Deputy was dispatched to the Friday Harbor area in reference to a Welfare Check. The reporting Deputy located the involved person and spoke to the person. Report written.

18-000733 Harassment 15:54:51 02/02/18
A Deputy on Orcas responded to a report of harassment. An informational report was taken.

18-000735 Harassment 16:10:02 02/02/18
Deputies investigated a possible violation of a Protection Order. Deputies found the report did not
rise to the level of a violation.

18-000737 Fraud 17:23:44 02/02/18
A Deputy on Orcas was dispatched to a report of a subject receiving counterfeit $100.00 bills. This case is under investigation.

February 3, 2018
18-000749 Unwanted Person 07:58:46 02/03/18
A Lopez Island Deputy was called to a Lopez Village business after patrons became alarmed by the behavior of another customer. Staff had the situation diffused before the Deputy arrived, and no crime had occurred. An information report was taken.

18-000751 Animal at Large 10:49:49 02/03/18
A Deputy was dispatched to an Animal Problem in the San Juan area. The reporting Deputy arrived and contacted the caller. The caller advised there was an ongoing problem with the neighbor’s pigs. Warning letter sent to the pigs’ owner.

18-000752 Accident-Injury, Traffic 11:06:47 02/03/18
A Deputy was dispatched to the San Juan Island area in reference to a Single Vehicle Traffic Accident. The reporting Deputy located a single vehicle off the roadway. Investigation continues.

18-000755 Alarm 14:03:51 02/03/18
A Deputy on Orcas responded to a report of an audible alarm. The home was found to be secure.

18-000757 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 15:21:42 02/03/18
Lopez Island deputies were sent to investigate a possible vandalism and trespass on private property. Upon investigation, the damage appears to have been caused by recent storms. There is no indication of any trespassers on the property. No further action was necessary.

February 4, 2018
18-000774 Area Check 10:45:35 02/04/18
Disabled vehicle parked along Mud Bay just north of Vista Rd with four-way flashers on. Not an immediate hazard. Removed by owner a couple hours later.

18-000784 Domestic Dispute or Assault 19:49:24 02/04/18
Deputies in Friday Harbor responded to a parenting dispute between a separating couple. Deputies were able to resolve the issue and allow the parents to separate for the evening.

February 5, 2018
18-000805 Welfare Check 08:42:14 02/05/18
A Lopez Island Deputy was sent to check on a motorist passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle running along Fisherman Bay Rd. The male driver was found having a suspected drug overdose and was transported by EMS to the clinic for medical evaluation and care. DUI charges are pending lab tests.

18-000813 Vehicle Prowl 14:07:12 02/05/18
A Deputy responded to a walk in delayed report of a vehicle prowl in Friday Harbor. Upon investigation it was found that there was no evidence and no workable leads at this time. The information for the report was gathered and a report made.

February 6, 2018
18-000848 Assault – Body Force 12:32:33 02/06/18
A Deputy was dispatched to the San Juan Island area in reference to an Assault. The reporting Deputy arrived and contacted the involved persons. Investigation continues…

18-000852 Wanted Person 15:28:00 02/06/18
A Friday Harbor Deputy arrested a male for one felony warrant and one misdemeanor warrant. The male was transported and booked into jail and is awaiting his court dates.

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