Sheriff’s Report | July 5 – 11, 2017

— from San Juan County Sheriff’s Office —

July 5, 2017
17-004096 Found Property 09:52:30 07/05/17
A Deputy picked up Found Property from a business in Friday Harbor. Owner was located and an arrangements are being made for them to claim the item.

17-004098 Found Property 10:20:54 07/05/17
A Deputy was dispatched to a report of found property in Friday Harbor, it was processed and booked in as evidence in relation to another case. No further.

17-004104 Accident-NonInj 10:48:22 07/05/17
A Deputy responded to an accident-non injury in Eastsound. After an investigation was completed a report was written.

17-004107 Civil Problem 12:00:35 07/05/17
A Deputy responded to Lopez Island for a tenant and landlord dispute. There was no crime between the involved persons however one of them was determined to have an out of county arrest warrant for assault. There was no room in the mainland jail and the subject was not arrested.

17-004116 Agency Assistance 17:31:13 07/05/17
A Lopez Island deputy was called to an illegal beach fire at Watmough Bay. The fire was out when the deputy arrived. The group was told that fires are not allowed.

17-004119 Theft 21:31:31 07/05/17
A Lopez Island deputy was called to take a report of prescription medication taken from a woman’s purse sometime on the Fourth of July. A report was taken.

July 6, 2017
17-004125 Fraud 09:16:05 07/06/17
A Friday Harbor victim reported fraudulent use of his credit card. It was used to set up an AOL account, with several purchases made. He has already canceled the credit card, but AOL requires law enforcement contact, which I did for him, canceling the account.

17-004134 Animal Bite 13:11:04 07/06/17
Deputies met with a service person bitten by a dog. At the customers home the door was partially open and their dog came out and bit him on the calf, before he could get away. The owners were very apologetic and agreed to follow all the dog bite rules. Report filed.

17-004144 Rape/Attempted Rape 16:54:20 07/06/17
A Friday Harbor Resident had an unwanted person at her home. The investigation is ongoing.

17-004145 Accident-NonInj 17:16:01 07/06/17
A Deputy was dispatched to a two car non-injury collision in Friday
Harbor. A collision report was completed and no infractions were issued.

17-004163 Trouble Unknown 23:19:53 07/06/17
A Deputy responded to a Lopez Island residence for a trouble unknown complaint. It was learned that the home owner called 911 and hung up after she and her boyfriend got into an argument. The investigation revealed no conclusive evidence of a crime. A report was completed.

July 7, 2017
17-004169 Boating Problem 07:46:55 07/07/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched for a sunken sailboat in Fisherman Bay. A report was taken.

17-004175 Threats 11:12:18 07/07/17
A Deputy was dispatched to a Threats complaint on Orcas. After contacting all involved a report was taken.

17-004184 Accident-NonInj 17:37:00 07/07/17
A Deputy responded to a report of a Collision involving one vehicle in the 500 block of Olga Rd. The driver was issued an infraction for No Valid Operator’s License and a Collision Report was made.

July 8, 2017
17-004199 Trouble Unknown 01:28:27 07/08/17
A Deputy responded to a Lopez Island business for a 911 call and hang up. The Deputy investigated and was unable to locate the person who called or to determine the reason for the call.

17-004210 Vehicle Theft 13:17:07 07/08/17
A Deputy responded to a vehicle theft on Orcas. A search for the vehicle was conducted and was not found. A report was taken and Vehicle Theft Report was entered into the Washington database.

17-004219 Wanted Person 15:37:06 07/08/17
Lopez deputies arrested a 34 year old Lopez man for an outstanding warrant.

17-004225 Recovered Stolen Vehicle 21:37:21 07/08/17
Orcas Island Deputies were dispatched to a local business for a stolen vehicle recovery. The vehicle was processed for evidence and a report taken. The investigation is ongoing.

17-004228 Illegal Fireworks 22:01:29 07/08/17
A deputy was dispatched to a residence on San Juan Island to investigate fireworks. Deputy discovered the source and the home owner assured the deputy that it would not happen again.

July 9, 2017
17-004241 Theft 11:49:58 07/09/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched to a reported theft of a yard statue. A report was taken.

17-004246 Theft 14:43:39 07/09/17
A Deputy took a walk-in theft complaint in Eastsound. A report was taken. No suspects at this time.

17-004260 Citizen Dispute 23:06:38 07/09/17
Orcas Deputies responded to 24 Orion Ln in regards to a report of a Citizen Dispute in front of the complex. Through their investigation Deputies found that the 18 year old subject causing the dispute was an intoxicated. The male was cited for Minor in Possession and released to his mother.

17-004261 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 23:48:01 07/09/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a suspicious circumstance. The Deputy resolved the issue by helping the citizen.

July 10, 2017
17-004273 Animal at Large 16:18:24 07/10/17
A Lopez Island deputy took custody of a dog found running at large near Woodmen Hall. The dog was returned to its owner, who was warned to keep the dog contained.

July 11, 2017
17-004283 Vehicle Prowl 07:58:32 07/11/17
Orcas Island deputies were dispatched to a theft call in the Eastsound area. A report was taken. The investigation is ongoing.

17-004285 Animal Noise 09:32:55 07/11/17
an Orcas Island deputy was dispatched to a noise complaint in the Eastsound area. The deputy discovered that the local woman had been warned multiple times in the prior months. The woman was issued an infraction.

17-004304 Parking Problem 18:29:34 07/11/17
A Los Angeles couple were contacted and warned for trespassing on private property by a Lopez deputy. They parked their car in a private driveway and set out hiking at a local attraction. The homeowner was concerned when they came home and found an unfamiliar car in their driveway.

17-004305 Weapons Noise 18:35:15 07/11/17
A Lopez deputy was sent to investigate several gunshots heard on the south end of the island. The area was checked and neither the source or location of the shots was located.

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