Sheriff’s Report | June 7 – 13, 2017

June 7, 2017
17-003223 Overdose 07:32:41 06/07/17
A Deputy was dispatched to an intentional overdose of prescription medication. The person was flown off via air ambulance for treatment and a mental evaluation.

17-003225 Communications Problem 08:35:05 06/07/17
A Lopez Island woman reported receiving harassing telephone calls at her home. A report was taken and strategies were discussed in how to resolve the problem.

17-003226 Welfare Check 09:49:05 06/07/17
A Lopez Island deputy was sent to check on the well being of a local youth. The subject was located at his home and asked to contact the reporting party.

17-003237 Found Property 14:36:05 06/07/17
A deputy collected a found wallet at Island Market. The wallet was owned by a non-resident. It was booked into property. A report was taken.

17-003241 Accident-HitRun 16:33:20 06/07/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a hit and run. The victim reported that her vehicle was struck at an unknown location some time in the last 24 hours. Currently there are no suspects.

17-003245 Animal at Large 17:13:10 06/07/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a dog at large. The owner retrieved the dog and the Deputy issued the owner a dog at large warning letter.

17-003251 Theft 21:05:01 06/07/17
A Friday Harbor citizen reported a musical instrument was stolen from him while he was at a party in 2015. This case is under investigation.

17-003252 Unwanted Person 21:49:09 06/07/17
A Deputy responded to a Lopez Island residence for an unwanted person complaint. A guest refused to leave when the property owner told him to because he thought he had tenant rights. It was determined there was no landlord tenant agreement and the guest agreed to leave. A report was completed.

June 8, 2017
17-003258 Malicious Mischief 12:06:12 06/08/17
A Friday harbor business reported damage to a window. They suspected vandalism, but on examination it was noticed that the neighboring yard had just been mowed and weed-eated. The damage is consistent with a rock strike from power equipment.

17-003267 Vehicle Prowl 18:00:13 06/08/17
A Deputy responded to an Eastsound resident’s report of a Vehicle Prowl. Upon arrival the Deputy gathered the information for a report and checked the vehicle for evidence. The Deputy found no evidence of forced entry and no evidence left behind by the suspect. Report taken.

17-003277 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 21:33:02 06/08/17
Deputies spoke with a Canoe Island camper regarding a possible assault between
two juveniles. Although no one was injured, the incident involved a dangerous weapon. An investigation is being conducted.

June 9, 2017
17-003278 Domestic Dispute or Assault 08:03:08 06/09/17
A Deputy met the victim of a domestic assault at the Orcas Sub-station. The suspect was located and placed under arrest for Domestic Assault and Interfering with reporting domestic violence.

17-003282 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 11:08:51 06/09/17
Skagit College received a suspicious letter. The letter was full of rambling references and asking about being represented in a lawsuit. The writer’s home city was contacted and the subject has along history of such letters, but no actual actions. Skagit College was advised and a report filed.

17-003283 Harassment 11:30:25 06/09/17
A Deputy responded to a report of harassment in the Eastsound area. The suspect was identified. Follow up is required. A report was taken.

17-003287 Found Property 15:00:54 06/09/17
An Orcas citizen turned in a firearm he found at a public facility. The firearm was collected and placed into the property room until the owner is found or if it had been involved in a crime.

17-003291 Accident-NonInj 17:18:37 06/09/17
A deputy was dispatched to a Traffic Accident in the San Juan Island area. The reporting deputy arrived and completed a report on the incident.

June 10, 2017
17-003301 Citizen Assist 08:33:49 06/10/17
A Lopez Island woman was arrested for domestic assault after an altercation with her mother.

17-003304 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 11:22:05 06/10/17
A Lopez Island woman called to report suspicious activity on vacant property. A report was taken.

17-003307 Controlled Substance Problem 13:38:25 06/10/17
A local Orcas Island business found a small bag containing drug paraphernalia. Upon inspection, syringes, a metal spoon, and a small amount heroin and methamphetamine were found inside the bag. No known owner. The drugs were booked into the Orcas substation property room.

17-003308 Property Damage, Non Vandalism 14:21:06 06/10/17
A person drove off with the fuel hose still in their vehicle at the Country Corner store. Damage occurred to the hose. The vehicle was caught on video surveillance. Attempts are being made to locate the driver of the vehicle who lives on the mainland.

17-003309 Malicious Mischief 14:33:14 06/10/17
A deputy was dispatched to a Domestic in the Friday Harbor area. The reporting deputy arrived and contacted the involved parties. After investigating, the subject was arrested. The subject then assaulted the reporting deputy. Then subject was booked into custody on several charges.

17-003310 Boating Accident Injury 16:53:06 06/10/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a boat accident. It was reported that the victim fell from his boat onto the dock when he went to get off of his boat. He received minor injuries from the fall.

17-003312 Malicious Mischief 18:22:02 06/10/17
A Deputy was notified of an inmate that was being a problem at the jail. The Deputy discovered that the inmate had damaged property belonging to San Juan County. The inmate was arrested for Malicious Mischief 3rd degree.

17-003314 Vehicle Theft 19:02:10 06/10/17
A visitor reported a vehicle missing from the Lopez ferry landing. The responding deputy took a report and the investigation is ongoing.

17-003318 Accident-HitRun 20:06:05 06/10/17
Orcas Island deputies responded to a motor vehicle accident in the parking lot of an Eastsound business. A local man driving a pickup truck backed into a parked car. During the investigation the deputies discovered the driver was under the influence and was subsequently arrested.

17-003327 Animal at Large 23:34:27 06/10/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a dog at large. It was unknown who the dog belonged to, so the dog was brought to the animal shelter.

June 11, 2017
17-003334 Burglary – Residential 09:26:36 06/11/17
A San Juan resident reported a theft of a bike rack from her garage between April 17 and June 10. No signs of forced entry, no evidence at the scene and no suspects. Investigation continues.

17-003342 Theft 15:47:26 06/11/17
An Eastsound resident came to the Orcas Substation to make a Delayed Theft report. After speaking with the victim the deputy observed that there was no suspect description at this time and gathered the information for a report. Report completed.

17-003346 Accident-HitRun 18:07:13 06/11/17
A deputy was dispatched to a Hit and Run that occurred in the Friday Harbor area. Victim and witnesses were contacted. Suspect information was provided.

17-003351 Trespassing 20:52:21 06/11/17
A deputy was dispatched to a Trespassing in the San Juan Island area. The reporting deputy arrived and contacted all the involved parties. The trespasser was found to be the current property owner.

17-003352 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 21:02:12 06/11/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched to a private road for possible drug activity. An 18 year old Lopez man was cited for marijuana possession.

17-003353 Citizen Dispute 23:43:01 06/11/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a person yelling. The Deputy determined that it was a dispute between family members and that no assault took place. This report is for information only.

June 12, 2017
17-003354 Mental Health 08:58:47 06/12/17
A Lopez Island deputy investigating litter near the skate park found a distressed subject hiding under a deck.

17-003356 Unwanted Person 10:47:36 06/12/17
A Lopez Island deputy was called to an area church regarding trespassers camping on church property. The campers were not present at the time of the call. Extra patrols were requested evenings/nights.

17-003363 Domestic Dispute or Assault 16:31:10 06/12/17
Lopez deputies were dispatched to a domestic dispute. A 38 year old Lopez man was arrested for violating a Domestic Violence No Contact Order.

17-003368 Trespassing 20:07:49 06/12/17
Orcas Island Deputies responded to a trespassing complaint. Through further investigation, probable cause was established to arrest the female suspect for stalking. During the arrest additional charges of resisting and assault 3rd were committed. The female was booked into SJC Jail.

June 13, 2017
17-003373 Burglary,NonRes 07:24:48 06/13/17
A Deputy was dispatched to report of a Burglary/theft in Friday Harbor. No further information at this time.

17-003375 Wildland Fire 08:52:17 06/13/17
A Lopez deputy responded with Lopez Fire to a reported tree on fire in Shark Reef Park. A smoldering fire was found in the woods near the waterfront. The fire was caused by an illegal campfire that was not properly extinguished. No fires are allowed in Shark Reef Park. A report was taken.

17-003395 Malicious Mischief 15:35:56 06/13/17
The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office radar trailer was discovered to be vandalized by unknown suspect(s) while parked on Deer Harbor Road. A report was taken.

17-003394 Child Abuse or Neglect 18:03:52 06/13/17
An Orcas deputy took a report of child abuse. An investigation has been started.

17-003396 Malicious Mischief 18:33:13 06/13/17
A deputy was contacted a the Sheriff’s Office in reference to a Malicious Mischief that occurred in San Juan County. The caller advised a work truck had been tampered with causing it to be taken off island for repairs. Investigation continues.

17-003397 Missing Person 19:06:57 06/13/17
Deputies investigated a missing person report. The person missing was last seen on Gabriola Island but was believed to be in the Roche Harbor area.

17-003399 Alcohol Offense 19:33:08 06/13/17
A Lopez Island Deputy responded to a Lopez Island residence after a parent called to report a possible alcohol offense involving a juvenile. It was determined the health food beverage, which was given to the teenager was non-alcoholic. A report was completed.

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