Sheriff’s Report | March 1 – 7, 2017

March 1, 2017
17-001124 Animal at Large 16:14:16 03/01/17
A Lopez Island deputy was sent to check on sheep out in the roadway. The sheep were out in a pasture when the deputy arrived. Nearby residents were contacted to help determine the owner.

17-001128 Animal Bite 17:06:38 03/01/17
PIMC contacted the Sheriffs Office reference a dog bite. A deputy responded and took a report of the incident.

17-001129 Trespassing 17:16:05 03/01/17
A deputy was dispatched to the Port of Friday Harbor Spring Street Landing
regarding the report of a trespass violation. It was reported that complainant observed subject in a silver van which was parked in the lower parking lot.

March 2, 2017
17-001136 Trespassing 13:20:51 03/02/17
A trespassing complaint was made from a resident on Decatur Island. A report was taken.

17-001146 Attempted Suicide 20:12:15 03/02/17
Deputies responded to a possible suicidal person in Eastsound. The person was seen by a mental health professional and then taken to Friday Harbor for more evaluation.

March 3, 2017
17-001150 Domestic Dispute or Assault 07:51:15 03/03/17
Deputies were dispatched to a Domestic Dispute in Friday Harbor. After further investigation it was found to be verbal only and parties separated with no further incident.

17-001158 Wanted Person 12:13:11 03/03/17
SJC Deputies recognized a subject that had warrants in Eastsound. The subject was arrested. A controlled substance was found on the person during the search incidental to arrest. The subject was booked into jail due to the warrant and felony possession of drugs.

17-001162 Citizen Assist 13:40:20 03/03/17
A victim contacted the Sheriff’s Office in reference to a Fraud. The victim was part of a data breach at a local business. Personal information about the victim and child were accessed. Informational report taken for documentation.

March 4, 2017
17-001174 Unwanted Person 03:10:54 03/04/17
An intoxicated male was found in a families driveway, in their van, drunk and honking the horn. The male was contacted and arrested and booked into jail pending court.

17-001188 Accident-NonInj 18:30:38 03/04/17
A deputy arrived at the intersection of Beaverton Valley Road and Scheffer Drive reference a non-injury two vehicle collision. One driver was issued a Criminal Citation for Driving with a Suspended License in the 3rd Degree. A Police Traffic Collision Report was completed.

March 5, 2017
17-001196 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 09:41:41 03/05/17
A Bellingham man reported a suspicious looking man on the south end of Lopez Island. The subject was gone when the deputy arrived. No further action was necessary.

17-001203 Domestic Dispute or Assault 16:27:06 03/05/17
Deputies were dispatched to a Domestic in Eastsound. One of the parties was removed and a report was taken.

17-001205 Assault – Body Force 18:37:56 03/05/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of an assault. The victim was punched several times causing injury to his face. The suspect was arrested for Assault 4th degree and was booked into the jail.

March 6, 2017
17-001216 Agency Assistance 08:37:43 03/06/17
A Lopez Island deputy contacted a resident about a backyard burn. Information was provided to the resident on what materials are appropriate to burn and others that should be disposed of by other means. The resident promised compliance with the rules in the future. No further action necessary.

17-001218 Parking Problem 10:07:56 03/06/17
A Lopez Island woman reported an abandoned vehicle near her workplace. A deputy identified the owner of the vehicle, who agreed to remove the vehicle later in the day. No further action necessary.

17-001219 Accident-Injury, Traffic 10:55:59 03/06/17
A SJC Deputy and Orcas Fire and EMS crews responded to a rollover collision near Eastsound. Field tests were performed and the driver was not believed to be impaired. He was cited for driving with a suspended license and for violating his ignition interlock requirement.

17-001226 Animal at Large 15:39:27 03/06/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched for sheep-at-large in a resident’s yard. A likely owner was identified and attempts were made to contact him.

March 7, 2017
17-001234 Accident-Injury, Traffic 12:06:14 03/07/17
Lopez Island deputies responded to a rollover crash on Lopez Sound Rd. The driver was transported to the clinic by EMS with minor injuries.

17-001243 Animal at Large 17:08:10 03/07/17
A Decatur Island residence reported feral sheep being killed. A report was taken.

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