Sheriff’s Report | March 8 – 14, 2017

March 8, 2017
17-001248 Accident-HitRun 08:24:25 03/08/17
A Deputy was dispatched to possible Hit and Run Unattended in Friday Harbor. After further investigation the driver was cited for Negligent Driving in the Second Degree.

17-001252 Accident-Injury, Traffic 13:03:23 03/08/17
A Deputy was dispatched to unknown injury collision in Friday Harbor. The driver was cited for Driving While Suspended Third Degree.

17-001255 Threats 15:03:13 03/08/17
A Decatur Island resident reported an incident involving the killing of feral sheep. A report was taken.

17-001259 Unwanted Person 18:01:42 03/08/17
A Lopez Island woman reported a suspicious vehicle driving past her residence multiple times over a two hour time period. The vehicle was gone at the time of the call.

March 9, 2017
17-001264 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 11:44:28 03/09/17
A deputy responded to report of a subject throwing sticks at passing vehicles on Orcas Island. The incident was investigated and report was written. Settled by contact.

17-001266 Accident-HitRun 13:06:21 03/09/17
A deputy responded to the Lopez Island ferry terminal for a hit and run complaint. The suspect was located and it was determined that he was not aware he damaged the victim’s unoccupied parked vehicle. The vehicle owners exchanged information and a report was completed.

17-001271 Chimney Fire 22:52:25 03/09/17
A deputy was dispatched to a chimney fire. Before the deputy arrived, the call turned into a dispute at the residence. The deputy settled the dispute between roommates and the fire department made sure the chimney fire was out.

March 10, 2017
17-001272 Fraud 12:06:52 03/10/17
A deputy was contacted in reference to a Fraud. The victim was involved in a scam involving a phony job. Investigation continues.

17-001274 Traffic Hazard 13:19:36 03/10/17
A pedestrian citizen on Orcas Island reported subject driving in an aggressive manner. The investigation is still on going.

17-001275 Welfare Check 13:30:27 03/10/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched for a possible suicidal subject. The subject was located and found not to be an imminent danger to himself.

17-001276 Theft 13:34:23 03/10/17
A deputy was dispatched to a Shoplift that occurred in the Friday Harbor area. The victim provided security camera footage of the suspect committing the crime. Investigation continues.

17-001277 Domestic Dispute or Assault 14:24:25 03/10/17
A deputy was dispatched to a Domestic in the San Juan Island area. The reporting deputy arrived and contacted the involved parties. The incident was found to be verbal only. The involved parties agreed to separate.

17-001282 Fraud 16:39:31 03/10/17
A San Juan resident called to report an IRS/identity fraud case. Someone had used their information to file a fraudulent tax return. They filed this report and were given an identity theft packet to follow up on with banks and credit companies.

17-001287 Alcohol Offense 22:04:33 03/10/17
Deputies responded to a juvenile problem in Friday Harbor. A juvenile was taken into custody for consuming alcohol.

March 11, 2017
17-001301 Animal at Large 15:28:50 03/11/17
A Lopez Island deputy was sent to deal with a goat reportedly running in the roadway on Mud Bay Rd. The goat was gone on arrival, and the goat’s likely owner was identified. No further action was taken.

17-001304 Found Property 17:42:21 03/11/17
Cash was turned into dispatch at the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. The $82 consisted of (1) $50 bill, (1) $20 bill, (1) $10 bill and (2) $1 bills. The money will be passed onto the Evidence Department for retention.

17-001310 Trespassing 19:56:58 03/11/17
Deputies had contact with a male subject that was acting strangely. After multiple contacts the male made threats to the public around 2000 hours and was taken to Peace Health for mental health.

March 12, 2017
17-001320 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 15:01:09 03/12/17
A Lopez Island deputy noticed an open door on an unoccupied residence. The house was checked and nothing appeared amiss, and then secured. No further action was taken.

17-001322 Suicide, Actual 17:06:22 03/12/17
Lopez deputies were dispatched for a third-party report of a possible suicide. Deputies located the subject alive and well.

17-001324 Malicious Mischief 20:24:43 03/12/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched for reported tire damage inflicted by a Lopez woman. Subject cited and charges filed with the prosecutor’s office.

17-001326 Attempted Suicide 21:12:37 03/12/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a suicide attempt. It was reported that the victim took several prescription pills. The person was transported to Peace Island Medical Center.

March 13, 2017
17-001330 Theft 10:30:33 03/13/17
A SJC Deputy responded to a reported theft from a construction site on Orcas Island. It was found that several hand and power tools had been taken from the site. Further investigation is being conducted.

17-001333 Harassment 14:35:07 03/13/17
A SJC Deputy responded to an unruly patron at a Post Office on Orcas Island. The post master requested that we trespass the subject from that specific post office location. The subject was contacted and ordered not to return there. No further action was required.

17-001337 Litter/Pollution/Public Health 15:17:32 03/13/17
A SJC Deputy responded to a report of littering. It was found that several dozen empty plastic Vodka Bottles were found on an Orcas resident’s property. It is unknown at this time who may have dumped the bottles in the area.

March 14, 2017
17-001347 Runaway Juvenile 01:24:30 03/14/17
Parents reported their juvenile son had run away from home over discipline issues. A runaway form was filled out and deputies searched, without success. Deputies will continue to watch for the juvenile.

17-001348 Malicious Mischief 07:20:04 03/14/17
A Lopez Island deputy was sent to investigate vandalism to a vehicle that was parked at the victim’s residence. The incident is under investigation.

17-001354 Found Property 13:35:38 03/14/17
Visitors to Lopez Island found a set of keys at a park and turned them in to a Lopez deputy.

17-001355 Theft 14:51:26 03/14/17
A Lopez Island man discovered that the rear license plate had been stolen from the back of his pickup and another plate left in its place. A check of that plate revealed it had been reported stolen in Seattle. The stolen plate was recovered by the deputy.

17-001361 Unwanted Person 19:06:18 03/14/17
The reporting deputy was dispatched to an Unwanted Person at a local business in the Friday Harbor area. The involved parties were contacted. The involved person was trespassed from the business.

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