Sheriff’s Report | November 1 – 7, 2017

November 1, 2017
17-007698 Juvenile Problem 11:07:02 11/01/17
A Deputy responded to the Lopez Island School regarding a juvenile complaint. It was determined a distressed elementary student was attempting to leave the school campus without permission. School administration took appropriate measures to keep the juvenile safe.

17-007700 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 13:35:50 11/01/17
A Lopez Island Deputy received a complaint of a possible theft of a boat on. The boat owner, who lived off island, stated he received a telephone call from a marina employee who saw the boat being taken. An investigation is being conducted.

17-007706 Boating Acc NI 17:48:36 11/01/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor reviewed a boat accident report that was submitted to the Sheriff’s Office. The boat accident occurred on 8-28-17 and the reporting party said that another boat hit their boat and kept going. There was no information on the other boat.

November 2, 2017
17-007714 Prowler 08:48:41 11/02/17
A Deputy responded to an Olga address on a report of a person prowling a property and building. Upon arrival the suspect was gone. A report was taken and the case is under further investigation.

17-007718 Fraud 13:46:37 11/02/17
A deputy investigated an Internet fraud. Investigation continues.

17-007719 Burglary – Residential 14:45:10 11/02/17
Two Lopez deputies responded to a possible burglary in progress at a residence. Deputies searched the home, but nobody was located inside.

17-007721 Theft 14:58:23 11/02/17
A citizen reported a package being stolen from an address in Eastsound. A deputy took a report with the information available.

17-007724 Sick or Injured Animal 17:16:55 11/02/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a possible animal neglect case. This case is still under investigation to see if the animal is being neglected.

17-007733 Domestic Dispute or Assault 22:33:21 11/02/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of an intoxicated person causing problems at a residence. The Deputy contacted the people involved and resolved the issue.

November 3, 3017
17-007738 Juvenile Problem 09:30:53 11/03/17
A juvenile causing problems in the office reported at the high school. Deputies responded and resolved the issue leaving the juvenile at school. A report is being forwarded to Juvenile Services.

17-007740 Accident-NonInj 10:21:13 11/03/17
A Deputy spoke with a Lopez Island resident about a collision that occurred in the Lopez Village. The reporting person stated another vehicle struck her when the driver failed to stop at a stop sign. Although her vehicle was severely damaged, no one was injured. A report was completed.

17-007748 Sick or Injured Animal 14:54:32 11/03/17
A Lopez deputy responded to a report of an injured deer near Port Stanley Road. The deputy dispatched the gravely injured young deer at the request of the property owner.

17-007749 Sick or Injured Animal 15:41:18 11/03/17
A Lopez deputy responded to check the welfare of a dog in the village. The dog was checked and the owner contacted. A report was completed.

17-007751 Traffic Stop 16:31:55 11/03/17
A deputy stopped a vehicle for expired tabs. The driver was issued an infraction for expired vehicle license over two months and no insurance and a criminal citation for no valid operator’s license without ID.

November 4, 2017
17-007762 Unwanted Person 00:35:27 11/04/17
A Lopez deputy responded to disturbance involving an intoxicated person and a running vehicle on Hummel Lake Road. The person was arrested and processed for DUI.

17-007776 Court Order Violation 15:01:22 11/04/17
An Orcas Island Deputy responded to a reported order violation in the Eastsound area. The suspect, a local woman, was subsequently arrested.

17-007789 Unwanted Person 21:47:07 11/04/17
Deputies responded to an Unwanted Person call at the ferry landing in Friday Harbor. Deputies were advised on scene that the call was medical in nature. One person was transported to the hospital, one article of found property was tagged into evidence, and an information report was made.

17-007790 Theft 23:01:11 11/04/17
A Deputy responded to a report of a Theft on San Juan Island. Upon arrival the Deputy was told via phone by the caller that he did not want to make a report at this time. Caller came to the station later that day around 1:30 pm, filled out a statement form, and requested a report. Report taken.

November 5, 2017
17-007794 Traffic Hazard 09:59:05 11/05/17
A Lopez Island deputy found a tree blown down across Lopez Rd. A Public Works crew was called to remove the tree and clear the hazard.

17-007802 Theft 12:07:32 11/05/17
A Friday Harbor women came to the Office to report the theft of some expensive jewelry. She had put the items on the counter pending being placed in the safe. She could not find them later. Before the report was finished she called to say she had found them in another part of the house.

17-007809 Animal at Large 14:47:18 11/05/17
A Lopez Island deputy found goats running at large in the roadway. The goats were herded home and the owner was identified.

17-007819 Vehicle Theft 17:35:36 11/05/17
A Lopez deputy was contacted at the station by an island resident reporting a recent auto theft. An investigation is on-going.

17-007822 Accident-HitRun 19:51:44 11/05/17
A deputy responded to a report of a Hit & Run Accident in Friday Harbor. Upon arrival the deputy was told by the reporting party that there was no damage to her vehicle and she didn’t want a state accident report made. Details were gathered and an information report was taken.

November 6, 2017
17-007829 Accident-NonInj 08:13:06 11/06/17
A Deputy responded to a non-injury accident call in Friday Harbor. One driver was issued multiple infractions and an accident report was made.

17-007832 Lost Property 09:23:21 11/06/17
A county employee reported a work laptop computer missing. A report was taken.

17-007833 DUI 10:07:28 11/06/17
A Deputy responded to a report of a possible DUI arriving at Friday Harbor on the ferry. Upon arrival the Deputy made his assessments of the individual involved and determined that the male was not impaired and just had difficulty driving a manual shift vehicle. Information report was taken.

17-007836 Theft 10:51:34 11/06/17
A SJC Deputy took a report of a possibly stolen dingy from a local Marina on Orcas Island. The dingy was last seen approximately two weeks ago. Further information is being sought.

17-007843 Agency Assistance 13:21:56 11/06/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received an assist agency. The Deputy assisted CPS in an investigation. This case is still under investigation.

17-007850 Domestic Dispute or Assault 15:41:26 11/06/17
A San Juan deputy received a report of an assault. An investigation is ongoing.

17-007856 Civil Problem 19:31:55 11/06/17
A deputy responded to a civil issue between a tenant and landlord.

17-007862 Found Property 23:03:59 11/06/17
A phone was found in the men’s restroom.

November 7, 2017
17-007864 Domestic Dispute or Assault 00:31:15 11/07/17
Deputies were sent to the Port of Friday Harbor for a person yelling. An intoxicated female was found yelling at her ex-boyfriend. A friend of the female had been called and gave the intoxicated female a ride home.

17-007873 Fraud 10:19:17 11/07/17
A Friday Harbor resident came into the station to make a Fraud report. A voluntary written statement was given and an information report taken.

17-007878 Juvenile Problem 14:17:49 11/07/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a juvenile runaway. The runaway was entered into the system as a runaway. The juvenile later returned home and was taken out of the system as a runaway.

17-007884 Domestic Dispute or Assault 19:13:37 11/07/17
Deputies were dispatched to a San Juan Island residence to investigate a domestic dispute.

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