Sheriff’s Report | September 27 – October 3, 2017

— from San Juan County Sheriff’s Office —

September 27, 2017
17-006896 Theft 08:52:15 09/27/17
A deputy investigated a theft on Orcas Island. Investigation continues.

17-006899 Property Damage, Non Vandalism 11:32:03 09/27/17
A Lopez Island Deputy spoke with a Friday Harbor resident regarding a minor motor vehicle accident, which occurred on Lopez Island. The reporting person stated the involved driver backed into his surveying equipment and damaged it. The driver agreed to pay for damages. A report was completed.

17-006912 Controlled Substance Problem 15:50:54 09/27/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report that someone found a syringe. The Deputy safely disposed of the syringe. This report is for information only.

17-006913 Controlled Substance Problem 16:03:14 09/27/17
A deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of drugs. A juvenile was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and nicotine. This matter was referred to juvenile court.

17-006920 Overdose 17:26:34 09/27/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of an overdose. The victim was treated by EMS and was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

17-006926 Area Check 20:15:02 09/27/17
A vessel was found on the West Sound county dock overnight. The vessel was issued an infraction.

September 28, 2017
17-006947 Court Order Violation 17:11:23 09/28/17
A Friday Harbor citizen reported a no contact order violation. She had twice seen a man and girl together, when there is no contact order between them. A statement and report were taken and forwarded to the prosecutor.

17-006949 Animal Noise 19:39:51 09/28/17
A Friday Harbor resident reported issues with his neighbors dogs barking during the night. The neighbor was contacted and said his dogs are barking at deer and foxes, keeping them away from his farm. The noise ordinance was explained to him and he said he would find a way to keep the dogs quiet.

September 29, 2007
17-006956 Accident-NonInj 03:03:06 09/29/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched to an early morning single-vehicle collision. The driver, a Lopez woman was given an infraction for driving with no valid operator license.

17-006958 Animal Bite 10:50:29 09/29/17
An Orcas Deputy responded to an animal bite. Animal was not known, or where it came from. A report was taken.

17-006961 Wanted Person 15:19:16 09/29/17
Deputies made contact with a male subject who was wanted in San Juan County and was wanted with the Department of Correction. The male subject was placed in custody and transported to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.

17-006966 Traffic Hazard 17:22:25 09/29/17
Friday Harbor deputies responded to a woman running in traffic with her baby. The woman was contacted in the street, arrested and transported to the ER and then booked into jail. The baby was examined and turned over to a relative. CPS was notified.

September 30, 2017
17-006975 Welfare Check 00:01:15 09/30/17
An Orcas Deputy responded to a welfare check at an Eastsound residence. The deputy found that the subject of the welfare check was fine and not in need of any medical treatment. An information report was taken.

17-006977 Welfare Check 07:31:56 09/30/17
A deputy assisted the San Juan County Aid Unit with a Female that was acting odd.

17-006987 Citizen Dispute 17:24:35 09/30/17
A Deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a fight. There was no evidence that showed that anyone had been assaulted. This report is for information only.

17-006990 Trouble Unknown 21:08:27 09/30/17
A Lopez Island deputy was sent to a local business on a 911 hang up call. Upon arrival, the deputy found no problem at the business. No further action is necessary.

October 1, 2017
17-006997 Area Check 00:37:57 10/01/17
A vessel was found on the West Sound county dock Overnight. The vessel was issued an infraction for overnight mooring and improper display of registration decal.

17-006998 Citizen Dispute 08:59:12 10/01/17
Deputies were contacted by a Friday Harbor resident who said someone he had worked for threatened him over owed money and damaged some property. Reports and photos were taken and the investigation continues.

17-006999 Trouble Unknown 10:20:34 10/01/17
Lopez Island deputies were sent to investigate a 911 hang up call from a Lopez residence. Prior to deputies’ arrival on scene, the resident was contacted by dispatch and it was determined that the problem was with the telephone. No action was taken.

17-007003 Recovered Stolen Property 14:39:06 10/01/17
A Seattle man reported finding possibly stolen property in a trash can at Spencer Spit State Park. Upon closer examination, the items were properly disposed of trash. No action was taken.

17-007004 Vicious Animal 15:03:20 10/01/17
An Orcas Island Deputy investigated an animal problem in the Deer Harbor area. The deputy found the animals to be in good health. A report was taken.

17-007006 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 16:00:26 10/01/17
a Lopez Island resident reported a subject loitering on a road near their house. When contacted by a deputy, the subject was utilizing an unprotected wi-fi signal. The subject moved on when asked.

17-007010 Controlled Substance Problem 19:21:37 10/01/17
A deputy responded to an area within the Town of Friday Harbor for possible drug activity. Two subjects were contacted and one was arrested on a Felony warrant of arrest.

October 2, 2017
17-007014 Domestic Dispute or Assault 03:38:02 10/02/17
Orcas Deputies responded to a Domestic. After all involved parties were interviewed one person was taken into custody and arrested for Assault 4-DV.

17-007022 Weapon Safekeeping 10:35:45 10/02/17
A Lopez Island man turned over a firearm to the Sheriff’s Office for safekeeping. The gun was booked into property until reclaimed.

17-007026 Area Check 11:54:57 10/02/17
A vessel was found on the West Sound county dock Overnight. The vessel was issued an infraction for overnight mooring.

17-007039 Accident-Injury, Traffic 19:06:24 10/02/17
A Deputy responded to a motorcycle vs deer collision on on Orcas Island. The operator received moderate injuries but was not transported. A collision report was completed.

October 3, 2017
17-007042 Attempted Suicide 00:35:59 10/03/17
A Lopez deputy was dispatched for a welfare check on a resident. The resident was found to be not an imminent danger to himself.

17-007045 Harassment 07:47:07 10/03/17
A deputy contacted a citizen on San Juan Island reference the best way to handle harassment.

17-007044 Welfare Check 08:25:59 10/03/17
A deputy was sent to a San Juan Island residence to check on the welfare of a person. The person was contacted by the deputy.

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  1. What is the difference between an infraction and a citation? Maybe instead of an infraction at the Westsound dock there should be a fine.