Superintendents still needed for San Juan County Fair departments

— from Adrienne Bourne for San Juan County Fair —

Do you have a passion for Fine Arts, Food Preservation or Sheep? The San Juan County Fair is still seeking open class department superintendents for the Fine Arts, Food Preservation (Co-Superintendent) & Sheep.

Open class department superintendents oversee the organization of volunteers during fair, may assist in finding department judges, and help with department layout, intake on entry day, Tuesday, August 13 & pickup on Sunday, August 18. A superintendent position does not have to be filled by just one person. A service group, or two (or more) people can volunteer to fill the volunteer position as co-superintendents. The San Juan County Fair is a little over a month away and making Fair happen is a county wide effort. 

If you are not able to volunteer as a superintendent during Fair week, we encourage you to sign up to volunteer for a shift or two during Fair week in a department such as Beer & Wine; Crafts & Industrial Arts, Baking, Food Preservation, Jr. Arts & Crafts, Fine Arts, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables or any other department of your choice. 

Information for volunteering during the Fair can be found at: or call 360-378-4310 or email

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