Suspects In Custody, Jewelry Recovered

— from Sheriff Ron Krebs —

On February 10, 2017 the Shinola Jewelry store in Eastsound was burglarized. On February 14, the Sheriff’s Office received information of the people in possession of the stolen jewelry. The Sheriff’s Office put out a video that was obtained from a neighboring business. The video turned out to be [of] an Orcas Island resident who walks his dog in Eastsound every morning. He was able to provide valuable information as to the vehicle that was driven during the commission of the burglary.

Given that information along with other information we were able to obtain, it was determined the suspects were located in a room at the Swinomish Casino in Anacortes. A search warrant was obtained and Deputies, along with the assistance of the Swinomish Police Department, detained several people at the casino. A search was served that resulted in the recovery of over 90% of the missing jewelry. Two people were arrested in connection with the investigation, which is ongoing.

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Suspects In Custody, Jewelry Recovered — 9 Comments

  1. Although I regret that Vance had to go through this stressful situation, I was overjoyed when reading that over 90% of his jewelry has been recovered. This positive outcome is an excellent example of our citizenry and local sheriff department’s diligence by working together. Congratulations to All, and especially to Vance!

  2. Great job all around, this was not the time of the year for that to happen many thanks to all involved. this is why i enjoy living here is that people do look out for oneanother.

  3. Deeply impressed by the prompt and compassionate action of our local law enforcement. Note: There are still some important pieces of loot with out there so keep your eyes open, friends!

    And thank you everyone for being so supportive and understanding.

    Antoinette Botsford, Vance Stephens