Orcas Sends a Troubadour for Our Times to the Big Apple Call to Action: See "The Climate Monologues" and Spread the Word

— a review of “The Climate Monologues” by Margie Doyle — Update: Repeat performance on Thursday, Sept. 15 at Random Howse — Sharon Abreu is an inspired listener. She listens to the stories of West Virginian coal mining families, NW activists, Tribal leaders, Mississippi teachers, a Colorado cowgirl and Orcas’ … Continue reading

OCS Holiday Music Concert at Random Howse

Saturday, Dec. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Random Howse — from Beth Smith for OCS — In March, high school students from Orcas Christian School (OCS) will travel to the northern-most area of the Philippines to conduct mission work. Specifically, the students will assist physicians and dentists in providing local … Continue reading